Delivering ROI through mitigated risk

In the conclusion of our three-part blog series, we examine how Jamf Pro delivers a compelling return on investment (ROI) by mitigating security risks.

March 4 2019 by

Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric organizations use to determine if they are making a sound investment. It’s essentially looking at how much an item costs compared to what value it provides.

To help you make a smart investment with your Apple device management, we want to be transparent with the ROI you can expect with Jamf Pro.

Hobson & Company, a leading research firm focused on ROI studies, conducted independent research consisting of more than 10 in-depth interviews with Jamf Pro customers to determine if and where organizations leveraging Jamf could save time, resources and money.

Three key areas were identified:

  1. Simplified IT management
  2. Improved end-user experience
  3. Mitigated risk

In the conclusion of our three-part blog series, we’ll examine how Jamf Pro mitigates risk.

Automate security and policy management

Manually maintaining on-going configuration settings (i.e., operating system updates, printer settings, etc.) becomes time-consuming and resource intensive. Jamf Pro’s deep integration with Apple's native frameworks automates the process of maintaining devices. Through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart tagging and scripts, IT admins can personalize and tailor individual devices or groups of devices based on the needs of end users.

Customers interviewed reported a 90 percent reduction in time spent on ongoing device management.

Reduce time spent managing IT inventory reports

One of the more time-consuming tasks for IT staff is tracking computing and mobile assets and the software installed on them. This information is used to ensure license compliance, effectively manage device lifecycles and other auditing needs. Jamf Pro’s Smart Groups feature provides IT staff with real-time access to dynamic hardware/software inventory reports that help them provide accurate reporting for audits and compliance, do real-time license tracking, and efficiently perform other maintenance tasks.

Customers interviewed reported a 90 percent reduction in time spent on application management.

Reduce the probability of a costly security breach

Security breaches are brand eroding and expensive to remediate. With Jamf Pro, security controls and policies are consistently enforced and easy to monitor, minimizing the risk of a security breach. And, with day-zero support for all new Apple releases, Jamf Pro empowers its customers with instant access to great new end-user features as soon as they become available, but also new layers of security and fixes to vulnerabilities.

Customers interviewed reported a 15 percent reduction of the probability of security and/or compliance incidents.

To learn more about the ROI you can expect with Jamf Pro, download the full Hobson & Company report.

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