Delivering ROI through simplified IT management

In part one of our three-part blog series, we examine how Jamf Pro delivers a compelling return on investment (ROI) by streamlining IT tasks.

February 25 2019 by

Daniel Weber

Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric organizations use to determine if they are making a sound investment. It’s essentially looking at how much an item costs compared to what value it provides.

To help you make a smart investment with your Apple device management, we want to be transparent with the ROI you can expect with Jamf Pro.

Hobson & Company, a leading research firm focused on ROI studies, conducted independent research consisting of 15 in-depth interviews with Jamf Pro customers to determine if and where organizations leveraging Jamf could save time, resources and money.

Three key areas were identified:

  1. Simplified IT management
  2. Improved end-user experience
  3. Mitigated risk

In part one of our three-part blog series, we’ll examine how Jamf Pro simplifies IT management.

Reduce time spent provisioning devices

Provisioning includes not only purchasing and receiving devices, but also imaging and configuring user-specific settings. This is a high-touch, manual process for IT administrators, and is even more time consuming for operating system upgrades. Jamf Pro’s zero-touch deployment is enabled through its deep integration with Apple Business Manager, allowing IT administrators to automatically enroll and configure new devices without hands-on support from IT, and share with end users in original shrink-wrapped packaging.

Customers interviewed reported an 80 percent reduction in time spent provisioning devices.

Reduce time spent managing apps

Jamf Pro’s centralized software distribution features automate app management and give IT administrators the ability to easily schedule and distribute standard and/or custom software packages and workflows to end users’ workstations, ensuring the correct software and apps are on each device.

For patch management, IT administrators can choose to either leverage Jamf Pro’s unique patch management service, which automates patch management by monitoring the most popular app software patches and managing the updates from a central server, or choose to push patches directly to devices using Jamf Self Service.

Customers interviewed reported a 90 percent reduction in time spent managing apps.

Reduce the volume of help desk tickets

When end users have technical difficulties, the first step to resolution is logging a ticket with the help desk. Jamf Pro’s Self Service app automates many of the common tasks traditionally entered as a ticket, empowering users to quickly and efficiently solve many of their technical problems on their own.

Customers interviewed reported a 15 percent reduction in the volume of help desk tickets.

To learn more about the ROI you can expect with Jamf Pro, download the full Hobson & Company report.

Check back to see parts two and three in the coming week.

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