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May 12, 2023 by Brandon Arcement

What does “Trusted Access for the physical workplace” mean?

Jamf support for digital employee badges is now available via SwiftConnect, integrated with Jamf Trust, for iOS and coming soon for Android

Building owners and enterprises increasingly want physical access to be treated like logical access, including single sign-on (SSO). That’s why SwiftConnect and Jamf joined forces to enable mobile IDs in digital wallets as part of SwiftConnect’s mission to drive the future of connected access experiences.

We couldn’t be more excited about Jamf’s support for mobile IDs in digital wallets, powered by SwiftConnect, and integrated into Jamf Trust. It’s available now for iOS via the Jamf Trust app and coming soon for Android.

The Jamf and SwiftConnect integrated solution enables a physical-logical connected access experience, creating a flexible and responsive workplace that can react to an employee’s needs at any moment. Whether it’s the parking garage, secure interior controlled doors or anything in between that requires permission using an employee’s identity, SwiftConnect and Jamf have employees covered today with an employee badge in Apple Wallet via Jamf Trust.

Jamf’s new offering leverages SwiftConnect’s AccessCloud solution to integrate with credential providers and access control systems, enabling Jamf to bring the power of employee badges in Apple Wallet to users for secure, frictionless access to enterprise IT resources, places, spaces and things. Today, users are able to get into their office buildings and access turnstiles, elevators, office suites and resources — imagine adding easy access to printers, lockers and so much more to the list — using just an iPhone or Apple Watch!

Incorporating SwiftConnect’s AccessCloud solution into Jamf Trust not only delivers our seamless, street-to-seat journey that users love and administrators trust, but it also addresses the challenge of ensuring only trusted users and devices are able to access necessary enterprise resources and facilities — without impacting user productivity.

This secure access with mobile credentials leapfrogs the security gaps of plastic cards, which are more easily cloned, spoofed and forged. It’s a no-brainer to take advantage of the fact that mobile credentials are stored on the embedded secure enclave in iPhone and Apple Watch. Plus, they are much more resistant to unauthorized use, requiring passcodes or biometrics to unlock if lost or stolen, than traditional access badges. What’s also remarkable is the ability to provide strong identity assurance as a pre-condition of initial provisioning, address security vulnerabilities over the air, and revoke or suspend access remotely while being informed by Jamf Trust device risk scores.

The traditional model of security with access cards cannot deliver anything like these capabilities. We’re driving a different way of thinking about security and privacy, taking advantage of technological advancements and changes in user behavior. Let’s face reality, users closely guard their smart devices much more than they typically do their plastic badges. That’s why the way Jamf + SwiftConnect are enabling this mobile-first, user-centric approach puts the employee or tenant in the driver’s seat to navigate their places and spaces with more confidence. At the same time, administrators have peace of mind about self-service, and on-demand access, coupled with the ability to find, change permissions or cut off the device at exactly the right time. It’s a beautiful thing.

How SwiftConnect works with Jamf Trust

SwiftConnect powers physical access credentials and permissions in real-time, anywhere, on iOS and Android devices through Jamf Trust. By integrating access control, credentialing, mobile device management and enterprise systems to centralize access management, SwiftConnect has turned the traditional world of physical access into an elegantly simple combination of efficiency and automation. Since our platform is also interoperable with traditional access control systems and popular workspace cloud software platforms, SwiftConnect is the key to enabling on-premise access systems with modern, cloud-centric access infrastructures to enable new connected access experiences. Customers can easily deploy employee badges in Apple Wallet while leaving existing access control system software and hardware — including card readers — in place.

Interested in integrating physical space into a Trusted Access model with Jamf Trust?

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Brandon Arcement
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