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July 18, 2022 by Tim Herr

Jamf After Dark: Everything You Need to Know about JNUC 2022

Listen to event specialists Jeff Ovik and Anna Hedstrom invoke the ghosts of JNUCs past and explain what this year’s hybrid conference in San Diego holds in store.

After a gap of two years in which we met virtually to protect everyone’s safety, we are beyond excited to bring back in-person interactions for JNUC 2022 in San Diego, California! This year will be our first time to host a hybrid event, meaning that you’ll get the full experience if you attend physically but won’t miss out on our great content if you’re not able or ready to make the trip.

In the latest episode of the Jamf After Dark podcast, hosted by Jamf channel program manager Kat Garbis and director of product strategy Katie English, senior event specialist Jeff Ovik and event specialist Anna Hedstrom sit in to discuss what to expect from our first hybrid JNUC and to reminisce about past conferences. This year’s event in San Diego is essentially the same JNUC that we tried to offer in 2020 – except even better! The weather is expected to be beautiful, and in between the 120 in-person sessions, attendees will be able to network face-to-face, sample some amazing tacos and even party on an aircraft carrier.

Tune in to this episode to learn all about:

  • Why your JNUC 2020 t-shirt might be a collector’s item
  • What sets JNUC apart from other user conferences
  • What the hardest part of planning JNUC has been this year
  • How the hybrid format will work and who gets to see what content
  • How late you can sign up for your tickets (and whether they might run out!)
  • How we decide what kinds of sessions to feature
  • Our policy on COVID-19 vaccination for attendees
  • Where to find good tacos locally!
  • How you can party on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Midway
  • What it’s like to transport an entire MATTER Innovation Hub into a parking garage
  • The euphoria that comes from crushing a JNUC keynote presentation
  • Kat’s secret origin story!

Visit the Jamf After Dark website to find a complete list of past episodes and subscribe to our RSS feed.

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