Jamf Nation Redeploy Initiative

We’re launching Jamf Nation Redeploy, a global initiative to help organizations with unused Apple devices connect with organizations who have been been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Read more.

May 14 2020 by

Josh Jagdfeld

As we all know, COVID-19 is causing an unbelievable amount of stress on hospital systems and education institutions across the globe. In many cases this is creating a few very difficult situations:

  1. Healthcare organizations are having a tough time conserving personal protective equipment (PPE) and keeping frontline workers safe,

  2. Patients in isolation are unable to be in direct communication with their families because they’re frequently unable to bring their personal technology with them into isolation, and

  3. Education institutions are finding that distance learning is exposing even greater digital inequity and causing many students to not be reliably connected to their required classwork.

Today, we’d like to ask for your help in solving some of these challenges.

We’re launching Jamf Nation Redeploy, a global initiative to help organizations with unused Apple devices connect with organizations who have one of these three specific problems listed above. Our plan is to help connect these organizations and provide best practices for preparing devices for donation and redeployment, and make sure they are set up for success with telehealth or distance-learning initiatives. Some of these organizations may not have extensive experience deploying Apple devices, and they will most certainly have a few questions along the way. In most of these situations, time is of the essence and nobody is better prepared to help solve unique device deployment challenges than this community.

Jamf Nation Redeploy consists of:

  • Donating OR requesting Apple hardware to address the above scenarios
  • Volunteering time and expertise to help OR requesting expertise to help with the above scenarios

For the latter...

What we’re asking from you, Jamf Nation, is for some volunteers to raise their hands to serve as Apple device deployment subject matter experts.

We’ve been so inspired by how many people have stepped up to volunteer their time in order to help organizations in need throughout this crisis. Our hope is that with the breadth of all of the companies in the global Apple ecosystem, plus the massive amount of knowledge possessed by Jamf Nation, that we will be able to successfully bridge many of the common gaps that have made deploying technology as a response to COVID-19 so difficult.

If you’re interested in volunteering some time, please get in touch with us by sending a note to redeploy@jamf.com. You can read more about the program’s terms and conditions. And, if you don’t have the time or interest in volunteering right now, that’s just fine too. We’re so grateful you’re a part of Jamf Nation; collaborating and contributing each and every day.

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