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See how Jamf's Patch Management functionality allows IT professionals to confidently maintain their environments and keep them secure.

Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

Gone are the days of treasure hunting for software patches. Reclaim lost time with Jamf’s new Patch Management solution. In today’s JNUC session, Jamf’s Patch Management Product Owner, Erin Miska, discussed how Patch Management allows IT professionals to confidently maintain their environments while keeping them secure.

“So what do we mean when we say Patch Management,” Miska asked. “It’s keeping the software in your organization up to date. But that’s a lot harder than it sounds. “The whole process involves many steps and can get pretty complicated. And the kicker is that you have to repeat the process for every patch. Many of you are doing this for dozens of titles, and some of those titles have several updates every month.”

The process is so tedius, in fact, that some people stopped patching. Whether they don’t have enough time, or lack the skills to successfully patch, people are giving up. To say the least, this isn’t good. Point blank – it’s really important to keep up with your patches.

But now you can forget about:

  • Constantly seeing which computers have which versions installed and
  • Conducting a scavenger hunt for available patches
  • Figuring out which computers are eligible for each patch

Jamf does this, and more, for you. Reporting, notifications and patch policies are all an integral part of Patch Management. Jamf created a systematic approach to get users the patches they need without the headaches of the past.

“We are taking an iterative approach,” Miska said. “We focused on meeting the most common needs, and avoided making the solution complicated.” She added that as the solution matures, Jamf will meet the less-common needs.

Patch Management currently supports 30 of the most common third-party titles, as identified by Mac admins. The list includes a number of Adobe and Microsoft titles, along with common web browsers and anti-virus titles, every flavor of Java, and Skype.

Miska took time to show how it all works and discussed Jamf’s plans for Patch Management. The future additions and improvements (with a timeline that’s TBD) will include:

  • Automated package creation and upload
  • Fully automated deployment
  • Support for Apple OSs and App Store apps
  • More Jamf-sourced third-party titles
  • Open up definitions to the community

“We’re really excited about everything Patch Management is able to do and all of the additional functionality that’s waiting in the wings,” Miska said. “It’s a great tool, and we’re thrilled we’re able to offer it to help keep your environments running smoothly and securely.”

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