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September 30, 2019 by Daniel Weber

What you need to know about iPadOS

While some are very familiar with Apple already, all are diving into iPadOS management for the first time. Read this asset and see how you can take full advantage of these powerful new capabilities and intuitive features.

Announced at Apple’s 2019 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, iPadOS was officially released to the public on September 24.

According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, “We pushed what people could do with iPad further than ever before with the introduction of iPadOS. iPadOS is an advanced operating system with a new name to recognize the distinctive experience of iPad. Of course, iPadOS builds on the same foundation as iOS, but adds powerful new capabilities and intuitive features that are specific to the large display and versatility of the iPad.”

While some are very familiar with Apple already, all are diving into iPadOS management for the first time. To help you take full advantage of these “powerful new capabilities and intuitive features,” we put together an instructional e-book on all things iPadOS.

Here’s a brief overview of what the e-book offers.

Introduction to iPad and iPadOS management

iPad devices run on the iPadOS platform. You can manage devices with mobile device management (MDM) which is Apple’s framework for managing iPadOS. With an Apple management tool, IT can create configuration profiles and MDM commands. Our iPadOS guide explains how each works and walks you through the Apple services and programs available with iPadOS.

Lifecycle management stages of iPadOS

The iPadOS guide examines Apple’s six key elements of iPad lifecycle management:

  1. iPadOS deployment and provisioning: Getting devices into the hands of users.
  2. Configuration management: Applying the correct settings to devices.
  3. App management: Ensuring the correct software and apps are on each device.
  4. iPadOS inventory: Reporting on the status of each device.
  5. iPadOS security: Securing devices to organizational standards.
  6. User empowerment: Allowing users to self-help when they require resources and services.

How to successfully upgrade iPad to iPadOS

We understand that iPadOS management needs are different based on your organization. As such, you may want to use (or are already using) Jamf Pro, the gold standard for Apple management. Or you may lean towards Jamf Now, simplified Apple device management when IT isn’t your sole job.

Either way, we have you covered.

With an overview of iPadOS under your belt, it’s time to consider when and how you want to upgrade your iPad fleet to iPadOS. Below are two easy to follow guides that explain the steps.

If you’re not currently a Jamf customer, put one of our solutions to the test this Apple OS upgrade season with a free trial.

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