Siemens: The best of Apple for every employee

Employee satisfaction is a top priority at Siemens. The globally active company has around 293,000 employees. Accenture and Jamf support Siemens with a compelling user experience of its employees with the mMac Service.

At a Glance

  • The “mMac Service” program was introduced in July 2019

  • Accenture services configured and personalized MacBooks for Siemens employees, managed with Jamf

  • Innovative break-and-fix service

  • Employee survey shows high levels of user satisfaction and productivity

User experience

To provide all employees with the best user experience working with Mac, Siemens introduced the “mMac Service” program in July 2019. The mMac (managed Mac) Service leaves it up to employees to decide which Apple devices they want to work with, and also offers customized service packages for a wide range of requirements. Over 1,000 Siemens employees worldwide have now participated in the program. In an internal survey, 98 percent stated their appreciation for the choice of the mMac service.

The mMac Service offers Siemens employees a simple, automated process for MacBook ordering, delivery and administration. This means that the device and the appropriate service package, including software, apps and more, can be customized to the individual needs of each employee. The special feature of the mMac service — employees can carry out both installations and updates independently from home or other mobile workstations, which has proven especially useful during the pandemic. It doesn’t matter whether they work predominantly with large-volume files, have special security requirements or attach importance to being able to install new programs and apps independently via the Self Service App catalogue.

Since its introduction, around 1,000 Siemens employees have taken advantage of the program. When the program was opened to all Siemens employees at the beginning of March 2020, demand increased rapidly.

Siemens, Accenture and Jamf: A well-rehearsed team

Behind the Siemens mMac service is the mMac team — a sophisticated cooperation of Siemens, Accenture and Jamf. If an employee orders a Mac, it’s ready to be configured and personalized on their desk the same day he/she receives the device. Thanks to zero-touch deployment through Jamf Pro, they can start working productively from day one; not only does this save IT time, but also provides a seamless user experience.

Like most enterprise companies, Siemens relies on a cloud solution for hosting. Stefan Lang, IT consultant at Accenture, explains why Jamf just works: “Accenture is a global player. Even though the infrastructure varies in every country in the world, Jamf Cloud is always available. All we need is an internet connection and we can log on from anywhere. Registering a Mac device within Jamf Cloud only takes 30 to 40 minutes, as we don’t need additional time to enforce policies or make adjustments”. Marco Pagnozzi, Service Owner at Siemens adds: “Every end-user can really make installation of their own Mac by themselves in 40 minutes maximum.”

Break-and-Fix service

Another innovation within the mMac service is the Break-and-Fix service. If the device is defective, employees always receive a replacement device within one working day. For this purpose, a dedicated device pool is maintained in all countries where Siemens has its headquarters. At large locations, there are vending machines where the user can replace the broken device on their own. To do this, the user reports a broken device to IT service management, receives a QR code and can use it to simply replace the new device in a few minutes. This also works in the home office. The employee reports the defective device online using a form and a new device is sent to them the next working day.

User satisfaction

In December 2019, the mMac team conduct a study focused on employee experience and the feedback was very positive:

  • 98 percent of users said they appreciated the ability to choose their device.
  • 87 percent rated their mMac experience with 4 or 5 out of 5 possible points.
  • There was a significant increase in productivity (63 percent), motivation (84 percent), user experience (81 percent) and satisfaction (80 percent).
  • After using mMac, Siemens’ image improved in terms of innovation (81 percent), focus on the employee (76 percent), and the perception of the company as “cool” (87 percent).
  • 91 percent of those surveyed believe that mMac helped make Siemens more attractive as an employer.

Popularity as an employer

These results point to a trend that was also evident in a study from Jamf. In the Mac in the Enterprise survey, users from all major employee groups (IT, HR, sales, engineering) reported that their productivity (97 percent), creativity (95 percent) and collaboration (91 percent) increased after using Apple at work. The same study found that one of the main reasons that users prefer Mac is they felt it caused fewer problems as a whole and, therefore, is more reliable than other solutions.

Inke Zellmer, Cloud Transformation & Migration Manager at Accenture, spoke on the success of the mMac service: “In recent years, the user experience has been at the center of our focus as we are in constant competition for new talent. Many of the younger people are used to using Mac for their personal life and want to use Mac in their professional life as well”.

The positive correlation between Mac use and employee satisfaction at Siemens is no coincidence, but the result of state-of-the-art technology and well- thought-out service.

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