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November 22, 2022 by Laurie Mona

Elevate your Apple technology usage with powerful integrations

Learn from both your peers and industry experts in this rapid-fire recap of 30+ JNUC sessions showcasing the possibilities and power of integrations with the Jamf API.

During the 2022 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), thousands of attendees gathered to discuss and learn how best to manage and secure Apple devices in their organizations.

One of the most popular themes: How to get the most out of your Apple technology investment with powerful integrations with the Jamf API.

Presentations from partners and customers showcased the possibilities and power of integrations with the Jamf API. Over 30 of the 150 JNUC sessions elaborated on building efficiencies that are only possible when these tools work as one.

The webinar, How to Benefit from Apple Technology Integrations, Partnerships and Workflows, highlights these sessions, which show you how to take advantage of the latest innovations from Jamf and our partners to simplify work, empower users and succeed with Apple.

The presentation features snippets of discussions on workflows between your favorite products and Google, Microsoft, Carousel, Red Canary, Okta and more.

Highlights include:

  • Technology updates from our marketplace partners
  • An exploration of software vendor tools
  • Customer stories of the positive impact of enhanced workflows
  • API workshop and presentation highlights

Partner recaps: Google

Industry innovator Google Chrome has been working closely with Jamf, especially over the past year on multiple initiatives. During the JNUC keynote, VP of Engineering for Google Chrome, Parisa Tabriz, shared the latest integrations that benefit the Jamf admin and empower hybrid work all over the world.

Other Google-related sessions included discussions on:

  • Chrome browser cloud management
  • Zero Trust with BeyondCorp from Google Cloud
  • Panel discussion on the changing landscape of remote work

Partner recaps: Microsoft

Many sessions highlight how the Jamf and Microsoft partnership is working to capture the experience users love while also improving and driving organizational trust. Jason Roszak, Chief Product Officer for Microsoft Endpoint Manager, joined us by video during the keynote to review the long history of Microsoft and Jamf Pro co-deployments, and expansion of that collaboration, including next-generation support of Microsoft Device Compliance.

More Microsoft sessions discussed include:

  • Management and security – understanding Jamf Pro and Microsoft Conditional Access
  • Upcoming integration improvements – macOS device compliance

Partner recaps: Security solutions

Security-focused partners protect Apple devices from the ever-looming threats and vulnerabilities that come with being in a more connected world. Security partners give practical tips and strategies to elevate the level of security within organizations.

Some of the partners discussed include:

  • Red Canary – malware protection from macOS, a partnership that amplifies Apple native support
  • Autify – customer story on the journey to SOC 2 compliance
  • Splunk – advanced workflows with Jamf Data in Splunk’s SIM platform

Technical partnerships and alliances recaps

Many sessions highlighted technical partnerships and alliances offering unique benefits to organizations, including:

And many more!

Dive into the discussion

Check out the full How to Benefit from Apple Technology Integrations, Partnerships and Workflows webinar for a more comprehensive review and recap of the sessions that can help you take full advantage of the possible integrations with the Jamf API in your organization.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about how to benefit from your Apple technology investment.

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Laurie Mona, Copywriter.
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