Jamf and Red Canary: Working Together for Expert Level Security

Learn about how the partnership between Jamf and Red Canary can accelerate the security of your organization’s Apple fleet, helping your IT and Security teams to work smarter, not harder to identify, detect and remediate threats to your devices, users and data.

October 20 2022 by

Danny Porter

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Despite the misconception, still common in some circles, that "Macs don't get viruses" (and the reality that they do come equipped with very good built-in security), there is a hidden world of malware and exploits out there that specifically target macOS.” - Jamf After Dark Podcast

MacOS-targeted threats continue to be on the rise — especially in recent years — with the surge of Mac adoption in the enterprise space. Larger acceptance also brings greater attention from malicious actors looking to take advantage of the lack of security infrastructure in a company’s environment. And make no mistake, they are hard at work looking for a way in, driving the need to identify and remediate vulnerabilities for Mac endpoints — which has never been greater.

That’s why Jamf and Red Canary partnered together.

Over the past year, our companies have been working together to elevate endpoint security for Apple in the enterprise. As we embark upon another macOS upgrade season, Jamf continues to be the leader in same-day support for all new OS versions across the Apple ecosystem.

Despite this, security teams still need help monitoring alerts, identifying vulnerabilities and properly responding to threats.

Red Canary is a leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider focused on helping companies detect and respond to threats across their security stack. We ingest the raw telemetry data from your Mac endpoints through our Jamf integration and provide our own advanced threat detection to help mitigate the threats that others miss.

Our team of security experts — backed by automation — we thoroughly:

  • investigate all threats
  • reduce alert fatigue
  • ensure you are only alerted to what matters

Red Canary supports automated playbooks to perform remediation actions through Jamf when a threat is identified. We also provide a team of Incident Handlers and a support team who are available 24/7 to provide proactive guidance or help if a threat is found.

I’m excited to partner with Jamf to deliver the highest quality security operations for Apple. With Jamf’s full alignment with Apple and same-day support for operating systems and features, Jamf is the best solution to maintain security posture for organizations who want to best protect devices, users and networks.” - Brian Beyer, CEO, Red Canary

Red Canary recently joined Jamf at their annual user conference in San Diego, where Brandon Kirklen, Endpoint Product Manager, delivered an excellent presentation on how our partnership provides expert-level security on the Mac.

Interested in seeing it for yourself?

Want to know what makes up the secret sauce behind Jamf plus Red Canary for your Apple fleet?

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