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April 26, 2022 by Haddayr Copley-Woods

How Explain Everything fosters engaged learning

Anastasia Procner delivers a presentation on the collaborative whiteboard app Explain Everything and how it makes remote and hybrid classrooms easier to manage at the Bett 2022 conference in London, UK.

Teaching remotely and in-classroom: a challenge

To say teaching youth during a time when many teachers must teach students simultaneously in the classroom and from home is an understatement. Add in different learning styles and disabilities, the difficulty of maintaining attention in traditional lecture formats and the need for individualized instruction and you’ve got a teacher who needs Explain Everything!

Teachers know that students who participate actively in a lesson learn and retain the most, but is especially difficult in the case of hybrid and distance education.

Explain Everything makes it easier and more intuitive

The Explain Everything Whiteboard helps teachers to engage students in the learning process using real-time group projects, media-packed explainer videos, interactive presentations and more.

Increasing learning engagement with Explain Everything

In this webinar, learn how teachers can import, create and edit eye-catching teaching materials. Teachers can organize and share materials with Showbie and multiple LMSs: Explain Everything is fully integrated.

Teachers can also observe learners’ understanding in real time, allowing them to react in-the-moment.

Developing skills has never been so fun

Students may only see that they can get creative with multiple media formats, create colorful videos and work on group projects no matter where everyone in the group is located.

But as they collaborate, present and participate, they also develop essential digital literacy skills. Teachers can also keep student data secure and private without harming the learners’ experience.

Stay on the same page, no matter the distance

Learn more about how Explain Everything works, see it in action and discover how to incorporate it in your classroom!

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