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April 21, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

Learning technology at Heronsgate Primary School

Tim Lings, Director of Digital Learning, shares the story of successfully embedding an iPad 1:1 program and how Jamf Pro made it possible for the students and teachers at Heronsgate Primary School to leverage technology as a tools for learning across all curriculums.

“We discover and realize the genius in everyone”

As Tim explains, Heronsgate Primary School services a number of needs for its student population, this includes over half their population consisting of students that speak English as a second language.

And yet, despite the obstacles inherent, communication is made possible through the incredible resources included within the iPad. So much so, that the school chose to implement and continues to champion a 1:1 iPad program, that sees each student, teacher and assistant leveraging the power of Apple’s tablet as a tool for learning across all curriculums, expanded throughout both Heronsgate Primary School locations.

Meeting the needs of educators

Teachers, the lifeblood of any education system, have been drawn to the power of the iPad, combining both the simplicity of use and the incredible resources available to educators. For example, when paired with Apple School Manager (ASM), the free Apple management account, allows teachers to take hold of their digital classrooms — not just to manage student accounts and classroom settings — but it’s in how that connection works together with the iPad in Apple Classroom, that really bridges the gap between material being taught and learning taking place.

At the tap of the screen, teachers can establish lines of communication with their students in real-time, manage devices so that all focus is where it should be or interactively work alongside their students, integrating with numerous apps and services, to find the right learning environment to make each student’s mind shine brilliantly.

Apple + Jamf

During the presentation, Tim discusses some misses during the initial rollout of the 1:1 iPad program, due to concerns in the way certain MDM platforms operated, or features that were lacking.

Enter Jamf Pro. The partnership between Apple and Jamf is a strong one, as Jamf’s solution is not only made for managing Mac, but also iOS/iPadOS/tvOS, as well. This is exactly what Heronsgate Primary School needed to fully realize their Apple management needs with its Same-Day Support and scalable infrastructure.

Given its cloud-based design, the switch to remote learning during the global pandemic proved an easy lift given the portable nature of the iPad and the confidence it instills in each student when using it has seen student engagement surge in a variety of modalities year over year.

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