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Students learn on Jamf School-managed iPads in a library.
April 21, 2022 by Haddayr Copley-Woods

iPad learning anywhere, anytime

From the Bett 2022 conference in London, Anthony Darlow delivers a presentation on the importance of a mobile device management system that fosters learning and is easy and intuitive to use for teachers, students and parents.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for schools: the challenge

Too many management tools are designed primarily for IT departments, says Darlow, creating a disconnect between intended classroom use and the experience that teachers have with the devices.

This results in a lack of autonomy and flexibility for teachers and students, which can get in the way of learning.

Add to that the fact that parents rarely have a say in how devices are used for learning at home, and schools can find themselves with quite a problem.

They need a simple mobile device management (MDM) system that supports teachers, fosters learning and offers parents control —while still being powerful enough to manage multiple devices.

Jamf School can help

Jamf School was built from the ground up specifically for schools managing Apple devices. In a few steps, Apple administrators can get iPads set up so that students can learn anywhere, any time.

With a 24/7 learning model, students have personalized devices supporting blended learning from home or from school. This offers a tremendous opportunity for students to dig deeper into topics that interest them, and for teachers to offer more individualized help — even if they aren’t immediately available.

Managing 24/7 access to an iPad

IT professionals must find the right balance between safety, control, autonomy and privacy. They also need to ensure that parents feel included (and invested) in the best way for their children to learn. All while staying on top of their everyday tasks.

So how do we surmount those challenges?

Consulting Engineer Anthony Darlow walks seminar participants through how Jamf School can achieve the perfect blend of management with Jamf School and the Jamf Parent app.

Darlow offers specific workflows and step-by-step instructions. Learn about managing device personas, incorporating parent tools and ensuring safe and appropriate use.

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