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May 6, 2022 by Laurie Mona

Focused creativity in the classroom with Apple and Jamf

In this Bett 2022 session, Mathew Pullen, Senior Lecturer in ITE, University of South Wales, discusses how to unleash student creativity and focus their attention with Apple devices and tools from Jamf.

Unleash the power of Apple in education

Mathew Pullen shared how unlocking the full potential of technology in the classroom enhances creativity in learning and produces positive critical outcomes for students.

He noted that while we’ve seen the embrace of technology such as iPads in the classroom over the past few years with remote learning, it’s often been used as a replication of what would have been done face-to-face.

Pullen discussed how educators can develop creatives uses for iPads for both teachers and students to take full advantage of the possibilities, and recommended tools that can help.

How learners share knowledge

One of the reasons Apple technology powers creativity is the availability of built-in tools that give learners a choice in how to share their knowledge, and demonstrate their understanding.

Pullen shared new ways to utilize iPad tools including:

  • Apple pencil – used not only to replicate handwriting but as a drawing tool for sketch-noting
  • Microphone – share thoughts by removing the barrier of having to type
  • Text – use as keyboard, including emojis for expressing understanding
  • Camera – take photos, capture videos, incorporate voice to explore the world around them
  • Documents – easily share content and rich creative resources

Preparation for the modern workplace

In order to prepare students for the future, educators must understand the role that technology plays. According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, the top projected skills in 2025 are creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Optimizing the use of technology can help prepare students for the world of work.

Pullen discussed exploring more creative methods of teaching, including using mobile technology which allows the world around us to become a creative environment. With students not having to sit at a desk, they can interact with the world, be analytical about it, and produce a creative and original result.

Reign it in: providing scaffolded choice

When thinking about how to use technology in the classroom, educators also need to be mindful of the risks of offering too many choices. The balancing act for teachers hinges on how to provide these exciting tools for students while still limiting potential distractions.

The solution: using Jamf for Education tools such as Jamf Teacher to help teachers take control of students and devices.

With Jamf, you get the added ability to be able to provide focused access to the apps that students might need while removing any distractions to keep their creativity flowing.

Pullen says students have unlimited potential - and wants them to see that anything is possible, and give them the opportunity to allow their creativity to flow. Using the proper tools allows us to scaffold learning in specific ways so we can focus attention where needed, and help students to succeed in the way that is best for them.

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