How to deploy new technology in healthcare organizations

Learn how to successfully deploy Apple technology in your healthcare organization with enterprise secure, consumer simple management and security solutions from Jamf.

November 29 2022 by

Laurie Mona

Doctor and nurse review iPad managed by Jamf.

While Jamf has been helping organizations succeed with Apple for over 20 years, bridging the gap between what Apple provides and the user needs, the rapidly evolving healthcare market presents unique challenges for technology deployments.

A crucial consideration to ensure stakeholder involvement and end-user adoption: Focus on how Apple technology can empower users and improve your patient experience. With the end goal in mind, you can develop the most successful strategy for your tech stack of device, network and cloud infrastructure.

In our webinar, How to Select the Right Tech Deployment Model in Healthcare, presenters Adam Mahmud, Jamf Senior Healthcare Product Marketing Manager, and Michael Covington, VP of Portfolio Strategy, discuss how healthcare organizations can most effectively plan successful modern technology deployments.

Apple technology driving healthcare outcomes

While Jamf can count 8 of the top 10 U.S. children’s hospitals, and 13 of the top 20 U.S. adult hospitals as customers, Mahmud shares a recent story from one healthcare institution to illustrate how Apple technology is transforming healthcare.

When the pandemic hit UC Health at the University of Colorado hospital, the need to launch mass vaccination clinics required innovations to handle patients in mobile settings. The change to using iPhone and Epic Rover as primary tools for clinical staff resulted in a dramatic 85% reduction in per-patient vaccination time, dropping from three minutes to 30 seconds.

The transformative outcome: moving forward with standardization of iPhone as a tool of care for all UC Health nursing staff.

Managing and securing Apple in healthcare

As the use of Apple devices continues to grow in healthcare settings, Jamf brings management and security into a single solution offering robust capabilities.

Jamf management tools for healthcare include assistance with:

  • zero-touch deployment
  • mobile device management
  • inventory management
  • app management
  • remote actions
  • self service

Jamf solutions to help secure Apple devices include:

  • identity and access management
  • endpoint protection
  • threat prevention and remediation
  • content filtering and safe internet
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • security visibility and compliance

Beyond management and security, Jamf extends Apple use cases in many unique ways for healthcare including:

  • Jamf API – customized workflows
  • Jamf Marketplace – integration partners
  • patented industry workflows – solutions around patient experience, clinical communications, telehealth
  • Integrations with Microsoft and Google technologies and workflows

Strategic planning for technology transformation

As Michael Covington explains, Jamf is the only company in the world that provides complete management and security solutions for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise secure and consumer simple while protecting personal privacy.

Two key trends influencing technology investments in healthcare institutions: the broad adoption of mobility, and the transition of applications out of the corporate data center.

Today hybrid work and cloud computing require that organizations manage:

  • enabling modern devices
  • connecting users and data
  • managing diverse risk

For healthcare, the protection of patient health data and personally identifiable information is key. As Covington notes, it’s essential to maintaining a solid brand reputation and also important to just do the right thing for patients, for employees, for partners and for everyone associated with the institution.

Maintaining all the required compliances while preserving user experience is critical to successful workplace modernization.

The solution: Trusted Access with Jamf

At Jamf, we encourage our customers to embrace technology that allows their end users to have the same great experience in their work technology that they get in their home technology, while also ensuring that work devices have the right trust. This means the business can ensure that access to sensitive data is given only to authorized users, on devices that have a trusted relationship with the organization.

We call this trusted access. It’s essentially an outcome-focused workflow that brings together the best of management and security capabilities.

Organizations can achieve Trusted Access by:

  • Requiring only authorized users are granted access on enrolled devices
  • Providing a secure connection to corporate apps and data
  • Delivering comprehensive modern security to defend against an evolving threat landscape

Get deeper into Trusted Access

For an in-depth discussion of developing a strategy for choosing a technology deployment model in your healthcare organization – whether devices are organization-owned, single user, shared or personally owned – and a roadmap to the outcome of trusted access, check out the full webinar below.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about how to establish a trusted foundation for modern work in a healthcare organization with Jamf.

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