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November 16, 2022 by Tim Herr

Don’t overlook the potential of Mac in healthcare

As explained in our e-book, the future of Mac in healthcare is looking bright, with great security capabilities, employee choice and powerful performance driving adoption.

Recently it seems that quite a bit of our blog coverage on the impact of Jamf solutions in healthcare has focused on the transformative contributions of iPad and Apple TV on bedside care, telehealth, clinical communications and more. However, Mac continues to play a critical role in the sector that is expanding with the introduction of employee choice programs. One Jamf success story, that of UMC Utrecht, saw the healthcare system significantly scaling up its Mac fleet for research purposes and subsequently introducing new macOS devices across the organization as other departments recognized the power of Mac.

Driven by concerns over usability, security and return on investment (ROI), numerous healthcare organizations are examining the possibility of adopting Mac or expanding their existing fleets. Our e-book, Mac in Healthcare for Beginners, caters to such IT admins and decisionmakers by outlining the advantages that Mac offers in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare settings. Here you’ll see an overview of the e-book’s contents along with links to some additional resources to help tackle these topics.

Surviving in the current security landscape

Security is one of the key factors driving Mac adoption in the healthcare sector. The e-book cites research showing that many medical devices use legacy operating systems such as Windows 7, causing concerns about outdated security measures and lack of support. Even Windows 10 users should be concerned about its end-of-life (EOL) date approaching in 2025. Mac’s built-in security features, especially when complemented by an effective endpoint protection solution, can help to harden healthcare organizations’ security posture and prevent leakage of personal identifiable information (PII) and other proprietary data.

Catering to employee preferences

By and large, employees tend to favor using Apple technology when given the choice, pointing to factors such as ease of use, native security and even design aesthetics. Research shows that almost 90% of respondents care about being able to choose their work technology, while a similar percentage would even accept a lower salary in exchange for this freedom. Letting employees switch to Mac translates into happier and more efficient workers, and pairing Apple technology with Jamf solutions offers numerous avenues for empowering them to do their jobs.

Impact of Apple silicon

Apple’s move away from Intel processors in favor of proprietary Apple silicon for Mac is another factor that is driving its economic impact in the enterprise. This shifts the balance further in favor of Apple providing lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) than its alternatives. And with the second generation of Apple silicon currently available in the form of the M2 processor, we can expect to see a continuing trend of Mac delivering powerful and efficient performance that employees love.

Read the e-book now to learn more about Mac in healthcare!

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