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November 18, 2022 by Kathryn Joy

Improve engagement and outcomes with Apple and Jamf healthcare solutions

Whether you’re new to Jamf’s healthcare solutions and workflows, or you’re one of our dear friends or partners catching up with us, we want to remind you what Jamf in healthcare is about.

Technology to empower patients and providers

Jamf’s healthcare solutions and workflows prioritize putting people first.

For patients on-site, iPad and Apple TV solutions are transforming their experiences and improving patient outcomes. Using Jamf Pro for their MDM solution to scale their iPadOS and tvOS deployments, healthcare organizations have also incorporated electronic medical records (EMR) apps, like MyChart Bedside, to engage patients. Across the board, Jamf’s Healthcare Listener workflow has been crucial for securing and scaling IT processes through automation as well as improving the patient experience with technology.

In a world of increasing mobile adoption and rapid need for safe connection, clinical communications can mean accessing patient data securely on mobile devices, whether they’re institutionally owned or personally enrolled. It can mean using shared device workflows to respond to rapid needs like mass vaccination sites. It can mean bringing care to people, as in Butterfly iQ+’s vision to transform patient care through an innovative imaging application and groundbreaking point-of-care ultrasound device. Or simply, it can be connecting patients to care providers and loved ones with Jamf’s Virtual Visits telehealth solution.

Regardless of the problem at hand, Jamf works with and for healthcare organizations to provide the Apple technology solutions to address it.

So you can do what you do best, and leave the rest to us.

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Kathryn Joy
Kathryn Joy, Senior Content Strategy Specialist.
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