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October 20, 2021 by Kathryn Joy

The impact of mass vaccination on the healthcare workflows of tomorrow

Adam Mahmud, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare at Jamf, talks with UCHealth staff — Gwen Martinez, Ed Horowitz and Kyle Toburen — to share their mass vaccination and mobility story, as well as what this means for the future of healthcare.

UCHealth is a not-for-profit health system with 12 hospitals across Colorado and Wyoming, over 25K employees and over 3K iOS devices managed by Jamf and using Jamf Healthcare Listener and Jamf Reset workflows.

The need for rapid change

Amid the global pandemic, in addition to the day-to-day care of patients and families, UCHealth began to look to the future, knowing a vaccine was in development and they would need to be able to administer vaccinations quickly, efficiently and in a way that served their community.

The goal was simple:

“To get as many shots in arms as soon as the vaccine was ready to go, and possibly end this horrible pandemic.”-Gwen Martinez, UCHealth

Coors Field in Denver, Colorado partnered with UCHealth to set up an initial vaccination site and UCHealth continued to partner with community partners to establish additional sites. It was essential to continuously refine the technology, processes and clinical workflows of these pilot sites to be able to process 5,000 people a day while prioritizing the patient experience.

Finding success

What started on paper for vaccination documentation was not sustainable or scalable for supporting a mass vaccination site, even without Colorado weather as a factor. For the sake of accuracy, efficiency and experience, UCHealth’s mass vaccination sites relied on iPhones to transform the experience and ultimately ensure their success; however, this shift was not without its challenges.

At Coors Field, the UCHealth team needed: a secure, network infrastructure at the remote site; to adjust to the physical limitations on-site such as traffic patterns; the technology to support translation and interpreter services; and a consistent and accessible device experience to optimize efficiency and improve the patient experience. This was achieved and iPhone became the primary tool for the clinical staff to support the mass vaccination site.

Jamf-managed iPhones ran Epic Rover, which had been recently updated from Epic to support a new mobile vaccination workflow. This allowed a clinician to complete digital check-in, documentation, vaccination and check-out all from one place in the app. After closing the visit, the patient’s virtual account reflected the patient’s vaccination in real time.

"With all of the changes in place and the mobile-centric approach to managing patient appointments, the UCHealth team reduced the per patient vaccination time from three minutes to thirty seconds!"

What’s next for healthcare mobility

The key lesson for UCHealth is that mobility has a central place in their healthcare environment. Unlike the technology of the past, where there are dedicated tools for certain needs — like barcode prescription scanning, paging, calling or imaging — iPhones are multifunctional. With secure and managed iPhone devices, and healthcare solution partners like Epic Rover or Vocera, the tool you need for all patient care fits in a clinician's pocket.

In addition to their plans to scale iPhone for Epic Rover, UCHealth is also prioritizing clinical VoIP calling/texting solutions, as well as digital signage use-cases. Plus exploring Apple TV-based solutions as a way to further enrich the patient experience.

The future of mobility at UCHealth is shaped by the experience and lessons learned in the mass vaccination response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check out UCHealth’s playbook for mass vaccination and learn more about Jamf in Healthcare.

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