Making medical imaging accessible to everyone: Butterfly iQ+

Integrating Butterfly Network's innovative hand-held Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology with Jamf supports HIPAA-compliant patient care while making medical imaging accessible everywhere.

July 28 2022 by

Breean Moreno

Laurie Mona

Medical technician uses Butterfly IQ probe tethered to an iPad to perform ultrasound on abdomen of patient at bedside.

As iPhones and iPads have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, we often take for granted the powerful computers available at our fingertips.

But the founders at Butterfly Network, Inc. seized this opportunity, pursuing their vision to transform patient care through an innovative imaging application and groundbreaking point-of-care ultrasound device – the world’s first single-probe, whole-body imager.

What Butterfly iQ+ does

When tethered to a mobile device, the probe enables qualified healthcare professionals to perform ultrasound monitoring on the go. The goal: to provide more complete medical information and enable more informed clinical decisions.

The benefit: expanding access to patient care globally, one of the most important impacts of technology in healthcare.

"Our mission is to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world.” - Jonathan M. Rothberg, Founder, Butterfly Network

From underserved communities within the United States to remote areas of Africa, billions of people around the world lack access to medical imaging. Organizations worldwide are using the Butterfly iQ+ in limited-resource settings to create sustainable healthcare solutions.

But the freedom to roam and reach patients where they’re at comes at a cost: a concern about security, functionality and compliance. The solution: mobile device management (MDM) with Jamf.

Thanks to the Butterfly iQ/IQ+ integration with Jamf, no matter where care is needed, patients and providers can be assured that it is HIPAA-compliant or meeting geographic security standards.

Better together

Today Butterfly supports organizations globally that lack sufficient medical imaging resources.

Using the Butterfly iQ+ with Jamf allows secure deployment of mobile devices with clinical resources beyond the walls of a hospital or health system, for patient care with immediate support.

Butterfly iQ+ integrates directly with Jamf for additional security and advanced configuration. Using Jamf alongside a Butterfly probe enables enterprise deployments with features including:

  • Device restrictions
  • Shared-device rapid login
  • Session timeout feature
  • Express scan mode

Another perk of using an MDM: you can determine when and how to update the application so as not to impact clinicians and patient workflow. For medical devices like the Butterfly device, it's imperative to keep the product up to date to ensure the latest, uninterrupted clinical functionality, with updates applied as soon as available.

Key benefits of using Jamf include:

  • Ability to determine who has access to the application
  • Schedule or push out updates at a set time so as not to impact devices in use
  • Remotely push content to the device wherever in use
  • Support ambulatory use case or care at home

View the Butterfly iQ+ listing in the Jamf Marketplace to get started today.

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