Remote learning — Apps and games: Part 5

To best keep students and educators safe — schools are re-evaluating their teaching practices and learning environments to accommodate an at-home, remote learning experience. In the conclusion of our five-part blog series, we show you how to leverage apps and games to enhance remote learning.

March 25 2020 by

Daniel Weber

Teach and learn from anywhere.

In the wake of a health crisis — and to best keep students and educators safe — schools are re-evaluating their teaching practices and learning environments to accommodate an at-home, virtual learning experience.

The ability to make this fully functional and efficient falls squarely on IT. But, with the right tools in place, remote learning can be as simple and intuitive as in-person.

In our five-part blog series, we identify five ways you can best serve students and teachers when you move learning online. We cover how to:

Part 1: Set expectations for students and teachers

Part 2: Facilitate engaging discussions daily

Part 3: Promote peer-to-peer interaction

Part 4: Offer active learning through projects and breakout groups

Part 5: Leverage apps and games

Leverage apps and games

Not all apps and games need to be prohibited for student use and blocked by Jamf School (which can be done). In fact, thousands should be encouraged. If a teacher identifies an app or game that would enhance the learning experience, they can simply leverage the Jamf Teacher app and request the app from IT to seamlessly begin the process.

IT can then deploy the apps to all applicable devices or place the app in Self Service where students and teachers can download at a time that is convenient to them. Other resources and content can also be placed in Self Service for on-demand access — eliminating the need for any IT interaction.

For multi-site app management, Jamf Pro has the industry’s most robust app procurement and deployment platform. Whether you’d like to give your staff a faster path to leveraging new apps in the classroom — through App Request — or are looking for a better way to give certain apps to certain people, Jamf Pro has you covered.

For parent peace of mind, the Jamf Parent app allows them to restrict apps, games and social media to certain times during the day.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: While there are many apps and resources available, it’s important to consider the privacy policy and data collection practices of these apps and services. First and foremost, leverage mobile versions of services that your district has already approved. From there, look at reputable services and tools that support student privacy, as many of Apple’s education apps have.

Be prepared for all learning environments

Facilitating remote learning is only going to be more commonplace — with or without health scares. With a plan in place and the right tools at the ready, transitioning from in-class to online learning can be as easy as reciting the ABCs.

If you’re ready to deliver the best learning experience to every student regardless of location, we’re ready to help. Get started with a free trial of our education solutions. And once a customer, take advantage of over 130 free online training modules on how to best leverage Jamf Pro to empower your educators and students.

To learn more, sign up for our April 2 webinar for additional ways to support remote learning.

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