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September 20, 2021 by Sean Smith

Jamf delivers same-day support for OS 15 once again!

Apple announced its new iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15 operating systems today, and Jamf is proud to once again bring same-day support.

Apple announced its new operating systems today, and we are proud to once again bring same-day support.

As Apple evolves, Jamf is evolving how we enable organizations to succeed with their new operating systems. Today, same-day support means delivering compatibility for Apple’s releases on the day they are available. That promise remains critical, and we are adding to it a commitment to accelerate adoption of Apple’s most critical workflows and extend the power of Apple-specific technology with purpose-built solutions that enable unique industry-specific workflows.

In other words: Whether your organization needs compatibility for iOS 15 or the ability to enable users to take advantage of powerful new features like iCloud Private Relay, Jamf helps support, embrace and extend Apple’s features and workflows for your industry.

The launch of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15 are upon us, and we are excited to deliver another year of same-day support for Apple’s latest operating systems. Today, we are unlocking enhancements for IT admins and end users who leverage the power of Apple and Jamf. Let’s dig into what this means for you.

Same-day support for mobile operating systems

New operating systems are an exciting time for everyone. For end users, a new iOS version might mean an improved user experience or access to new Apple services. For the IT admin, a new operating system means streamlined management capabilities to empower employees and keep their organization secure. Today is no different; Jamf is ready.

Apple made iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15 available today, with macOS following later this year. These new operating systems strengthen the workflows Apple users already know and love and unlock powerful new features.

User Enrollment is even easier

Account-driven User Enrollment streamlines the enrollment workflow by eliminating the need for IT to send enrollment URLs to end users in a BYOD environment. End users can skip the management profile installation work and instead jump right into getting managed apps on their device immediately. Easy as that.

If this process feels familiar, it should. It’s a bit like zero-touch deployments for corporate devices because IT does not have to initiate the activity. It’s the user’s choice when to kick off the process. Yet, they don’t give up control of their device. IT can only see corporate apps, not personal. And IT cannot lock or wipe the device.

User Enrollment is a critical technology for Apple and one that Jamf has supported since it debuted in 2019. We will begin with supporting Service Discovery, a foundational element of Account-driven User Enrollment, in a beta version of Jamf Pro 10.33 this September, with general availability to follow.

This summer Apple also announced Declarative Device Management, a major evolution to device management that will make devices more dynamic and autonomous, helping keep devices secure without the need for constant pings back to the server. Jamf is excited to support this new technology following our support for Service Discovery.

Privacy is the name of the game

Apple is well known for being a privacy-first company. Now, with Private Relay – a new iCloud service that protects an individual’s privacy by hiding their IP address and location from the websites they visit – Apple has taken another step forward.

The introduction of Private Relay follows the launch of Jamf Private Access, Jamf’s solution to enable secure access to business applications without the performance, privacy and security challenges of legacy enterprise VPN connections. Now with Private Relay and Jamf, users are protected in their private and enterprise browsing. Personally-owned devices can be deployed with Jamf to protect and route enterprise traffic; personal browsing will remain private by being routed via iCloud Private Relay.

Private Relay and Jamf Private Access work together to ensure employees are enterprise secure, their privacy is protected and when running both Jamf Private Access and iCloud+ Private Relay together, it is the most optimal approach to privacy and security without compromising performance.

Apps & Books

Organizations around the world choose Jamf to help them procure, deploy, and manage apps and books for their teams. Whether acquiring a critical business app or distributing an eBook to an entire school, Jamf’s integrations with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager already ensure organizations can seamlessly browse, purchase and distribute apps and books.

Apple is preparing to debut a new API that will deliver a more performant and scalable apps and books experience going forward. This is an exciting quality of life improvement for many admins, especially those who rely heavily on apps and books for day-to-day productivity. We are actively working on supporting this new API and are looking forward to sharing more as information becomes available.

Better management

Finally, Apple is adding a number of new payloads, commands and restrictions to the MDM spec. Managing devices is one of the core ways Jamf helps you and your organization succeed with Apple, and these new additions to the spec will help you manage your fleet with added precision.

One example is a new restriction that can be used to better control what information can be copied and pasted. If enabled, this restriction will prevent copying and pasting data from a managed to an unmanaged app. Another example is a new restriction that will prevent Siri from translating language in the cloud. Your organization can now provide an even more secure Siri experience by having Siri only translate locally on the device, rather than reaching out to the server for that task. In an era of increasing security and privacy needs, these two changes are welcome. For a complete list of payloads, check Apple’s developer documentation.

Next Steps

Jamf is prepared with same-day support for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15 today. Whether you want to make the new operating system versions available to your team today or delay OS upgrades to take time to test and validate, Jamf has your back.

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Sean Smith
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