Jamf delivers same-day support for macOS Monterey!

macOS Monterey is here and Jamf is ready for same-day support! Upgrade when you're ready, secure your Mac on a deeper level and feel the power of macOS Monterey.

October 25 2021 by

Sean Smith

Apple announced the release of macOS Monterey today, and we are proud to once again bring same-day support.

As Apple evolves, Jamf is evolving how we enable organizations to succeed with their new operating systems. Today, same-day support means delivering compatibility for Apple’s releases on the day they are available. This compatibility includes endpoint security to ensure your users can upgrade freely, without risk of compromising organizational security. That promise remains critical, and we are adding to it a commitment to accelerate the adoption of Apple’s most critical workflows and extend the power of Apple-specific technology with purpose-built solutions that enable unique industry-specific workflows.

In other words: Whether your organization needs compatibility for macOS Monterey or the ability to enable users to take advantage of powerful new features like, macOS Recovery Lock, Jamf helps support, embrace and extend Apple’s features and workflows for your industry.

The launch of macOS Monterey is upon us, and we are excited to deliver another year of same-day support. Today, we are unlocking enhancements for IT admins and end users who leverage the power of Apple and Jamf. Let’s dig into what this means for you.

Upgrade when you are ready

While a new Operating System is exciting, we understand admins may want to delay to test critical apps or infrastructure before rolling it out. macOS Managed Software Updates allows admins to do just that, and is now available for M1 Macs. This allows a major release (like Monterey) to be deferred up to 90 days, while important security updates and minor macOS versions, are still available for users to install.

Erase all content and settings, keep the OS

Erase all content and settings is now available for macOS Monterey and works as it does on iOS/iPadOS, with the option to erase all user data and user-installed apps while maintaining the currently installed operating system version. If this is not something admins want users to have the ability to do, Jamf Pro has implemented functionality to restrict the use of this feature by adding a checkbox to the macOS restrictions payload of a configuration profile.

Secure Mac at a deeper level

The recovery mode is one of the most sensitive parts of any Mac. An admin or organization may want to prohibit devices or prevent their users from getting to the recovery mode of their Mac device. With macOS Recovery Lock, admins can prevent users accessing that part of the Mac. With the release of Monterey today, we’ve implemented Recovery Lock settings to be configured in the PreStage enrollment of a macOS device. Jamf Pro also provides the ability to rotate the Recovery Lock password once it’s been viewed in the computer record, eliminating a compromised password.

Bringing privacy to the next level

Apple is well known for being a privacy-first company. Now, with Private Relay – a new iCloud+ service that protects an individual’s privacy by hiding their IP address and location from the websites they visit – Apple has taken another step forward.

The introduction of Private Relay follows the launch of Jamf Private Access, Jamf’s solution to enable secure access to business applications without the performance, privacy and security challenges of legacy enterprise VPN connections. Now with Private Relay and Jamf, users are protected in their private and enterprise browsing. Personally-owned devices can also be deployed with Jamf to protect and route enterprise traffic while personal browsing remains private by being routed via iCloud Private Relay.

Note: Private Relay and Jamf Private Access work together to ensure employees are enterprise secure, their privacy is protected and when running both Jamf Private Access and iCloud+ Private Relay together, it is the most optimal approach to privacy and security without compromising performance.

Next Steps

Jamf is prepared with same-day support for macOS Monterey today. Whether you want to make the new operating system available to your team today or delay OS upgrades to take time to test and validate, Jamf has your back.

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