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September 21, 2021 by Jonathan Locast

OS 15 support goes beyond supporting same-day compatibility

Being same-day compliant, and offering guidance on preparing for OSs to drop, is nice but Jamf wants to support you all the way through your operating system rollout.

OS 15 was released yesterday, and people are racing out to update their iPhone to iOS 15. iPad to iPadOS 15, and Apple TV to tvOS 15. For users, added features to FaceTime calls, a redesign for Safari, tools for reducing distractions, updates to maps and weather, and even things like Spatial Audio may become prized favorites. Or maybe it will be the number of people we now see holding up their phones to photos in public in order to use Live Text features.

No matter what feature is your favorite for this release, we hope you’re enjoying the new possibilities with your Apple device. However, if you are an Apple Admin that oversees a full-scale deployment of devices, this release is simply the starting gun for your operating system upgrade race.

Perhaps you have been prepping for the OS 15 release and macOS Monterey release for a while with Apple’s beta program. Good on you, and you will thank yourself in the long run — if you aren’t already. There are plenty of things you can do to shorten iOS/iPadOS deployment projects and we encourage you to build them into your plans around this time of year.

Taking preemptive steps, before OSs are released, to test devices and beta profiles, to plan for the possibility that larger issues will arise once a new operating system is deployed en masse and to prepare resources and solutions for as many potential pitfalls as you can document — even if they go unused — will put you in a fantastic place for when Apple drops their shiny new OS. Even if you haven’t been testing in advance, there’s no time like the present to get started!

Support on the same day

You’ve done your bit to be prepared for OS 15’s release, even if that means putting in place a deferral, but now it’s time for your vendors and tech-partners to do their part to help upgrading to the latest operating system go smoothly for everyone. For Apple vendors like Jamf, “same-day support” of new operating systems is not just about unlocking a few new Configuration Profiles; it’s about aligning with the direction and vision of innovative workflows and developing alongside foundational technology to ensure businesses and schools aren’t left behind. From table-stakes security compatibility with new operating systems, to iterative key feature and workflow support, an Apple focus is critical — and not all management and security vendors are created equal.

iPadOS and iOS Upgrades Guide for Beginners

Already an upgrade pro?

For many of you, rolling out a new operating system isn’t a new task. Afterall, Apple puts out new operating systems every year and, at its core, upgrading is pretty similar each year with a few added tweaks. We get it, and you don’t need the full guide! So, here is just a quick, simplified workflow for your specific Jamf product.

Happy upgrading and stay tuned into Jamf’s blog for lots of content this upgrades season surrounding aspects of both OS 15 and macOS Monterey when that is released later this Fall!

Looking to see how Jamf can help with your upgrades?

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