Time and cost savings for HR departments with Jamf

The first in a three-part series, we show the many tasks which Jamf solutions can simplify, speed up, automate and even eliminate: for all of your departments. This week: Human Resources.

February 19 2020 by

Many thanks to Roy Verberne for contributing significantly to this blog series.

All organizations share the goal of wanting to save time. More specifically, employee’s time. After all, staff is the greatest expense and can determine profitability and business growth. Unsurprisingly, more and more businesses are implementing device management software tools to minimise the time staff spends on tasks by automating, simplifying and even eliminating them entirely. We have demonstrated the significant time savings and return on investment (ROI) with an MDM solution again and again for the IT department. The time spent configuring, maintaining and managing end-user workstations alone could mean one IT admin can single-handedly manage thousands of devices.

But the benefits of an MDM solution are in no way limited to the IT department. In fact, all departments benefit with time and cost savings using Jamf Pro solutions.

This is the first in a three-part series outlining how MDM with Jamf provides solutions can save time and improve workflows for every department in your organization.

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Human Resources and the benefit of Apple at Work

Onboarding new employees

  • The onboarding experience with Jamf is seamless. HR can easily set up new account information, provide access to those resources and apps applicable to specific jobs and show video instructions integrated into the setup of an employee’s Mac with Jamf Connect. This way new employees can hit the ground running.
  • With Jamf Pro’s Microsoft Intune integration, HR can enroll a new employee with exact configurations and restrictions pushed to their devices based on their department or role.


Employees can promptly access training, whether it is department-specific or company-wide with a single sign-on option. This is an effortless and automated way to improve knowledge and the skill set of existing employees for a more qualified workforce.

Employee retention

Employee satisfaction saves HR time on hiring and onboarding new talent. And an MDM solution such as Jamf Pro is essential to ensure employees get the most out of their Apple devices.

Employee productivity

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that allows them to use Apple. For example, according to IBM CIO Fletcher Previn, IBMers who choose Mac were 17% less likely to leave IBM.

That’s not surprising— Jamf removes hurdles from workflows employees often encounter. All relevant resources are available on-demand in your own App Store; log-in and authentication is automatic and seamless. A highly productive team means HR saves time and money in not having to add new employees as often.

Employee performance

It is no surprise that higher productivity means better overall performance. For IBM, this meant that sales staff working with managed Apple devices were closing deals 16% larger than their counterparts using Windows — and they scored higher in their annual performance assessments.
However it is not just the Sales department which benefits from better performance, in a survey respondents which work in HR departments reported liking Apple products, finding Mac more reliable than other computers and working best when they have the apps and resources available to do their job.

Employee satisfaction

Employees want to be able to excel in their jobs without any interruptions. Ensuring a smooth user experience by eliminating technical issues and offering self-directed IT tasks such as upgrading macOS and eliminating repeated log-in processes means nothing gets in the way of a smooth workflow.

Employees don’t even think about IT because, well, it just works.

Secure personal information

HR handles confidential and personal information. Should an employee choose to leave the organisation or is let go, it is highly important to securely remove all data relating to the employee from devices, as well as to protect company data and access.

Empower your HR department with the Box integration available on the Jamf Marketplace for a secure and trackable distribution of sensitive documentation.

Tune in next week for the second in our three-part series on departmental time and cost savings, when we'll cover the finance and legal departments as well as marketing and data security.

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