Apple Management and Employee Choice at IBM

Watch this video to see IBM CIO, Fletcher Previn, talk about IBM’s employee choice program and see how Previn’s team deploys 134,000 Macs, 90,000 iPhones and 40,000 iPads without requiring additional staff to support end users.

In this video, IBM Chief Information Officer, Fletcher Previn, asks the question, “When did it become OK to live like The Jetsons at home but The Flinstones at work?” His spot-on analogy highlighted how many consumers choose a modern device for personal use but are given “legacy” tools for work.

The launch of IBM’s employee choice program in June of 2015 was a monumental step in empowering employees with the tools that make them the most productive and creative, and giving them the modern device experience they crave. In this video, Previn was proud to share the progress of IBM’s three-plus year initiative.

277,000 Apple devices have deployed at IBM (supported by a total of 78 people). That’s I34,000+ Macs, 90,000+ iPhones and 40,000+ iPads.

“We’re deploying more Macs every month, but not requiring more help staff to support these users,” said Previn.

Previn had one additional announcement that received a raucous ovation from the JNUC crowd: IBM has open sourced its provisioning workflow for their Mac@IBM program. Others can now take IBM’s lead and offer a Mac choice program to their employees with the help of an automated provisioning workflow for Mac.