iPad and Showbie: personalized feedback and impactful learning

Chris Lawson, Assistant Headteacher at Parbold Douglas CE Academy, shows how to deliver richer feedback for more impactful learning by demonstrating key Showbie features used in a 1:1 iPad classroom.

May 13 2022 by

Laurie Mona

How to use Showbie with iPads in the classroom to impact learning

In this Bett 2022 session, Apple Distinguished Educator Chris Lawson demonstrates how to use Showbie tools with iPads in the classroom to both impact student learning and save teachers time. Lawson discusses two aspects of how using Showbie in the classroom helps teachers and students: by breaking down barriers, and by helping produce impactful assessment and learning.

Breaking down barriers with Showbie

Lawson discusses how key features of Showbie can make learning more impactful and effective, including:

  • Rich annotations – ability to use a pen tool to annotate different types of documents
  • Scan document – digitizes written work, with ability to use annotation tools on scanned images, pinned comments and voice notes to share feedback
  • Voice notes – create audio recordings for spelling tests that can be replicated for usage over multiple years, with individual students able to take different tests at same time
  • Communication that matters – personalized, individual communications between student and teacher

Impactful assessment and learning

The other helpful aspect of using Showbie in the classroom is making assessments and learning more impactful for students.

Examples include:

  • Feedback that makes an impact – combining iPad’s ability to take photos with Showbie annotation tools extends learning beyond normal English and math
  • Socrative integration and quizzes – supports children to assess where they’re at to work independently toward learning goals
  • Question Level Analysis – assess questions that may be causing issues and why, pinpoint areas children need help and discuss in real-time with class.
  • Meaningful reports - rich text PDF reports give students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and note the issues, to be able to identify the areas they need to improve

To see more in-depth demonstrations of the tools Lawson uses from Showbie, enabled by Jamf, to make the best use of iPads in the classroom, watch the full Bett 2022 session at the link below.

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