The future of work: How Vision Pro is leading the charge

Vision Pro unlocks the exciting world of spatial computing. Is your organization ready?

February 6 2024 by

Jen Kaplan

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is here, and as with previous hardware and software launches from Apple, businesses and education institutions are racing to test drive the future of personal and professional computing.

Organizations of all types are clamoring to be at the forefront of this complete reimagining of work and education. And the introduction of MDM support in visionOS 1.1 beta, announced on February 6 by Apple, is a clear indication of the major business impacts Apple intends to enable with these advanced headsets.

When Apple innovates, Jamf celebrates. Jamf has been in lockstep with Apple for over 20 years. Our company was founded on the belief that Apple empowers people to do their best work, unlocking business and education transformation. With security and access products Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect, we are already in a unique position to easily help organizations safely explore the possibilities of Vision Pro in business contexts that require extra security and connectivity beyond the needs of a typical consumer use case. In addition to having a path to securely deploy Vision Pro, organizations should also consider the broader potential for these new spatial computing devices.

Why it’s more than “just another headset”

Apple is already positioned to be more successful than those before them who have attempted to enter the spatial computing space. Consider the app ecosystem alone. With one million compatible iPad and iOS apps already available, plus over 600 Vision Pro apps available at launch, Apple’s new technology arrives with immediate and immense utility. And this is just the beginning.

As the ecosystem matures over the next few years and adoption increases, we expect an explosion of business applications far beyond what we can even envision today. And the ability to tie into your Apple ID and use the Vision Pro as a display for your Mac demonstrates the complementary capabilities of the platform. The Vision Pro needn’t be a standalone device that you have to go out of your way to use. It seamlessly fits into and extends your existing workflows when it comes to interacting with and using your Apple devices.

Incorporating Apple Vision Pro into your business

While everyday consumers might wrestle with whether they need a Vision Pro, businesses have clear and compelling use cases to start piloting Vision Pro today and realize ROI.

  • Training and onboarding: The immersive environments enabled by Vision Pro are ideal for workplace training and onboarding. Rather than flipping through manuals or watching videos, employees can be immersed in interactive, 3D simulations of processes and environments. They can access step-by-step guides in their field of vision as they perform tasks, making training more engaging and effective. Vision Pro also allows guides and checklists to be accessed hands-free, enabling training in contexts where employees need their hands free for equipment.
  • Collaboration and communication: Vision Pro will enhance collaboration and communication in remote and hybrid work environments. The spatial computing capabilities allow for incredibly engaging virtual meetings where remote participants feel closer than on a standard video call. Team members can easily annotate on and manipulate 3D concepts visualized in the shared virtual space, rather than being limited to a shared 2D screen. The eye tracking and facial visualization features also help recreate critical aspects of in-person communication.
  • Design and engineering: For designers, engineers and architects, Vision Pro enables next-level visualization and collaboration. Concepts and structures can be rendered in realistic 3D at full scale for inspection from every angle. Design sessions become truly collaborative with multiple stakeholders inhabiting a shared virtual design space from anywhere in the world. Comments and changes can be applied in context rather than relying on abstractions. This has the potential to shorten design cycles and reduce costly late-stage changes.

Next steps to deploy Vision Pro for your organization

So how can businesses, schools and hospitals be early adopters of Vision Pro and discover what’s possible for their organizations? While organizations await MDM support in visionOS to become generally available, it’s all about security. Like any endpoint, organizations need Vision Pro to have secure access to data while being protected from internet threats that put your organization at risk.

Jamf can enable the inventors, discoverers and explorers at businesses to safely develop and test new ideas, use cases and software on the new hardware without putting organizational data at risk. As a result of Jamf’s commitment to adhere to the Apple Frameworks and Human Interface guidelines, Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect are ready today to be installed on a Vision Pro device, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and biometric authentication to securely access company data; anti-phishing and network threat prevention; and content filtering to block distracting or harmful content.

How secure access for Apple Vision Pro works

Once the Jamf Trust end-user app is installed on Vision Pro, the end user can activate ZTNA, network threat prevention and content filtering by simply logging in with their identity provider. The user will feel instantly at home with an experience that mirrors the behavior and function of Jamf Trust for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. For more information on the setup process, see our technical documentation.

So go out there and explore what is possible with Vision Pro, and Jamf will help your early adopters discover and build toward the future.

When it comes to delivering compatibility for Apple’s newest operating systems, accelerating the adoption of Apple’s most critical workflows or extending the power of Apple-specific technology, Jamf has over 20 years of history helping organizations succeed with Apple. We will continue to innovate alongside Apple to help organizations safely explore the incredible possibilities of Vision Pro.

If your organization is looking to use Apple Vision Pro in a business or education environment, and require extra security and connectivity that goes beyond the needs of a typical consumer use case, contact us.

We’re excited to be your partner in the fast-moving and impactful new era of spatial computing.

Explore the Vision Pro securely with Jamf.

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