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Make hassle-free OS upgrades a reality.

Support new Apple features immediately; deliver when ready.

Turn OS upgrade day into just another day at the office.

Exciting new versions of macOS (for Mac) and iOS (for iPhone and iPad) are heading to a device near you. macOS Sierra and iOS 10 offer new productivity, security and management capabilities to help you and the users you support get more done. Your job is to get these features into the hands of users and IT staff without disrupting workflows. Our job is to help you do it.

Keep reading if you’d like to seamlessly upgrade operating systems — or restrict an upgrade — and ensure security measures are met, accurate inventory maintained and costly downtime eliminated.

See how smooth your next OS upgrade can be.

Watch this video for an introduction to the new features and upgrade capabilities of the leading Apple management solution, Jamf Pro.

Don’t miss a beat this upgrade season.

Jamf Pro gives IT a powerful management solution that directly aligns with Apple and supports new operating systems from day one. With dynamic inventory tools, multiple deployment paths and an ability to leverage Apple’s security controls, Jamf Pro ensures organizational protocols are kept intact throughout the upgrade process.

Never again view new Apple features from afar. Put them to use as soon as they become available.

Let users get the most out of their device.

While you get the management features you've been waiting for.

Aside from the untold benefits empowering employees and students with the latest technology brings, upgrading operating systems provides you with the management tools you need to keep your computers and devices secure. Jamf Pro helps you deliver on the promise of a better device experience, and ensures you don’t fall prey to data breaches and system vulnerabilities simply because your devices are out of date.

Select when and how to upgrade.

A flexible tool for your unique environment.

Jamf Pro provides several ways for IT to confidently deploy Mac and iOS updates en masse. For Mac, choose to either re-image or keep existing data intact by running the standard upgrade. iOS updates can be triggered via a mobile device management (MDM) command to properly managed devices running iOS 9 or higher. And, for the forward-thinking IT admin, help users help themselves by placing the upgrade in an on-demand Self Service app where they can update their device on their own.

If you don’t want users jumping the gun and upgrading when you’re not ready, you can simply block macOS Sierra until your testing is complete.

Which path is right for you?

Love the graphic, but want a little more information? No problem. We've put together a simplified macOS upgrade workflow and other resources for you to peruse at your leisure.

Download macOS Workflow

So what’s in it for IT?

We’re sure you’ve done your homework, but just as a refresher, here are the new management features Apple is offering with macOS Sierra and iOS 10.

macOS Sierra

  • Install updates via MDM (10.11.4+ DEP only)
  • Configure firewall settings per app
  • New restrictions for Apple Music, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Photo Library, Back to My Mac, Find My Mac and sharing options

iOS 10

  • Cisco Fast Lane quality of service (QoS) support for apps
  • Set default VOIP apps for audio and video calls for contacts
  • Restrict modifying Bluetooth settings
  • Define cellular data access per app

Deployment programs

  • Deploy books to Shared iPad with VPP auto-registration (Apple School Manager required)
  • Skip Siri, iCloud Desktop and Apple ID options during Setup Assistant
  • Restrict macOS account creation options: Admin or Standard
  • Assign apps to devices (No Apple ID required for iOS 9+)

Ready to try Jamf Pro?

By utilizing Jamf Pro, you can upgrade all of your macOS and iOS devices seamlessly, without impacting end users or requiring IT to give up their nights and weekends.

See for yourself.

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