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Reduce risk while preserving a great user experience.

A solution for macOS and iOS security to help eliminate “oh-no” moments.

Get in front of threats.

Security and privacy concerns are real. Proactively combat breaches and vulnerabilities – all while maintaining user privacy and the user experience. Using Apple encryption, management commands, automated patching and more, Jamf Pro protects company and user data, so you can mitigate risks and alleviate security concerns.

Security resources that serve and protect.

Smart Mac, iPhone and iPad security to keep your environment free from harm.


Enforce native Apple encryption features built into macOS and iOS to protect data without system performance hits or third-party utilities. Jamf Pro makes it easy to enforce passcodes on iOS devices and run policies to turn on FileVault for macOS. It’s Apple security made easy.

Management Commands

Send commands to Macs, iPads or iPhones to remotely manage individual or groups of devices. Run simple commands to clear a passcode or update to the latest OS. If a device goes missing, send a remote lock, wipe or enable Lost Mode to activate Location Services.

Settings compliance

Create customized security settings for your organization through configuration profiles and policies. Provide access to secure Wi-Fi networks without sharing the password. Pre-configure VPN settings or deploy certificates to easily allow your users to securely connect to the network. Enforce password complexity settings and require changes as often as you want.

Restricted Software

Want to respectfully restrict your users from installing certain apps? Jamf Pro enables you to hide system apps and prevent downloads from the App Store on iOS devices. On macOS, enforce restrictions by blocking apps, warning users, or even deleting them from the system. Take comfort in knowing your devices contain only approved software.

The search is off.

Automated patch management takes hassle out of your day.

Your organization’s security is only as good as your software. Staying up to date with Apple and third-party patches is only as successful as the hours you set aside – until now.


Jamf Pro’s unique patch management service does the work for you by monitoring the most popular app software patches, including Google Chrome, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Office.


When new patches are published, Jamf evaluates the patches, packages the updates and lets you know they’re ready to implement.


Armed with this information, take action by making a patch available to users through Jamf Self Service, or push a patch to install automatically.

OS Updates

Keep your devices up to date with the latest macOS and iOS updates. With Jamf Pro, you can deploy updates quickly and track the upgrade progress across your environment.

Leverage the macOS Security Checklist

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark for macOS is widely regarded as a comprehensive checklist for organizations to follow to best secure their Macs.

Download this guide to see how you can successfully implement the CIS recommendations.

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