Biofourmis and Jamf deliver best-in-class security and regulatory compliance

In a dynamic industry, where precision and security are paramount, Biofourmis, a global biotech and healthcare technology company, embarked on a challenging journey to transition to a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. To navigate this complex transition seamlessly, and also manage and secure their Apple devices, they needed a strategic partner, which they found in Rocketman Tech, to aid them in this journey.

For its market leadership, outstanding track record, forward compatibility and seamless integrations, Jamf was the solution of choice—and with Rocketman Tech's MSP (Managed Service Provider) services—Biofourmis manages and secures users and endpoints while also maintaining compliance.

Jamf Pro enables powerful workflows for device and app management, inventory and security, ensuring users are productive from wherever they work
Jamf Protect defends endpoints against modern threats and provides detailed compliance benchmark reporting that can be streamed to a SIEM/SOAR platform
Jamf Connect streamlines provisioning, authentication and identity management, ensuring modern remote access to resources with a single cloud identity
Compliance with critical industry regulations like SOC 2, Type II, ISO and HIPAA, reinforcing organizational security
The seamless integration with Okta provides a secure and efficient way to manage user identities and access permissions across the organization
Jamf Self Service enhanced overall employee satisfaction and efficiency by offering employees autonomy in managing their devices

Deploying globally with zero touch

Biofourmis faced the complex task of migrating from their existing management solution to Jamf. The transition was complicated by their diverse estate: the global and expanding workforce had a variety of devices in different OS versions, some of which were integrated in their device management solution, while others were not. The company needed a streamlined workflow capable of transitioning all their users to Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect, regardless of each user scenario and location. The process had to be seamless, require no IT assistance, take limited user interaction and no downtime. This was vital to maintain uniformity and security across the organization and keep users productive.

Over the course of three months, a zero-touch provisioning workflow was developed and deployed for users to set up their own MacBooks in less than twenty minutes, using Jamf Pro to install all software, configurations and security settings, without any prior setup from IT. After a successful pilot, the workflow was used to migrate all 600 users to the new solution without creating any negative impact or interfering with productivity.

The implementation of zero-touch provisioning for new laptops significantly streamlined the setup process for employees. This approach, combined with the introduction of a Self Service portal, empowered employees to independently install software, apply quick fixes and submit help desk tickets, which reduced by 33% post-deployment. This reduction suggests that the solutions provided by Jamf led to fewer IT-related issues, or that employees were more capable of resolving issues on their own. Such autonomy in managing devices increased employee satisfaction and efficiency, saved time and reduced potential downtimes for remote staff, which is crucial in today's remote and hybrid work environments.

Jamf zero-touch deployment? Total lifesaver for our team! It's completely changed how we roll out MacBooks to new hires. Now, we send them directly from Apple—no detours to our office needed. It's like magic; they arrive ready with all the software our team needs. This has been a huge win for us, slashing both our inventory and shipping costs. But the best part? It's all about the wow factor for new employees. They get their shiny new MacBook on day one, all set up and ready to go. It's a fantastic first impression, not just of their new gear but of how we do things in IT. Efficient, smooth, and totally on point!
Howard Levy Senior Manager Information Technology, Biofourmis

Extending the power of Jamf with Okta

An extra challenge was the requirement to build an environment compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as bring the state up to the latest CIS standards. To achieve both CIS and HIPAA compliance, the project leveraged the power of Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect with identity provider Okta.

Utilizing Okta, three security groups were set with different access levels: one with full admin access to their Macs; one with standard user access with the ability to upgrade to admin on demand; and a third without the ability to upgrade to admin. This set up created a unified single sign-on solution, for both existing and new users enrolled through Biofourmis’ zero-touch workflow. It also catered for the different needs of the user community, such as software developers, who often need to be granted admin access to perform their roles.

“The seamless integration with Okta identity and access management was a significant factor, providing a secure and efficient way to manage user identities and access permissions across our organization,” says Howard Levy, Senior Manager of Information Technology. “Biofourmis was able to build a robust device management structure for macOS, iOS and tvOS. This structure not only met but also supported compliance with stringent standards like SOC 2, Type II, ISO and HIPAA. This illustrates Jamf’s capability to reinforce organizational security and ensure compliance with critical industry regulations.”

It pays to have a plan

Even in a complex environment with various device types and stringent compliance requirements, Biofourmis’ strategic approach resulted in a quick and seamless transition to Jamf. With their sights firmly set in positively impacting the users, their project had the scalability and flexibility required for a successful deployment. This aspect was crucial in an organization looking to grow and adapt in a dynamic technological landscape.

Jamf provides Biofourmis with a comprehensive, secure and efficient device management solution that not only meets compliance standards but also enhances the employee experience, supports a remote workforce and contributes to significant time and cost savings. With Jamf in place, Biofourmis is poised for continued success and growth, equipped with a tech environment that aligns with the company's dynamic vision.

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