Mobile device management (MDM) for better IT efficiency and user productivity.

Enhance workflows and troubleshoot faster with the right MDM solution.

What is mobile device management?

MDM can take on several meanings. First, it can refer to Apple’s mobile device management protocol, a framework that allows device management vendors to empower customers to manage devices at scale. Second, MDM can also refer to a general type of product that manages devices at scale.

With an MDM solution, an IT administrator can:


Enroll devices into management in an effort to consistently distribute apps and content, as well as set up security and access profiles.


Query devices to collect large amounts of data in order to make informed decisions based off relevant information.


Automate device configurations, management commands and app deployments to one device or an entire Apple fleet.


Enforce security settings and device encryption to ensure device compliance and protection no matter where it is located.

Not all MDM solutions are created equal.

Especially when it comes to getting the most out of Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Many MDM solutions fall into a unified endpoint management (UEM) category. UEM is the concept of leveraging one tool to manage the Microsoft, Google and Apple ecosystems — including all devices and apps within each.

Not only are workflows to provision, encrypt, deploy, secure, update and support devices all different, but UEM tools also need to keep operating systems current across all platforms. If a UEM can’t support those updates, any delay will negatively impact end users.

Instead, Jamf chooses to focus only on Apple, which allows for best-in-class Apple MDM solutions that preserve the end-user experience. This precision also empowers us to consistently deliver same-day support with Apple OS upgrades, so Jamf customers can confidently, efficiently and securely deliver to users the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer.

Jamf offers three MDM solutions, tailor-made for your exact needs:

Powerful MDM workflows for IT professionals.

Simple MDM for IT and educators.

MDM basics for startups or small businesses.

Need more than just MDM?

Apple Enterprise Management provides organizations with the best way to connect, manage and protect all Apple devices with a complete toolset, all for one price.