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November 23, 2020 by Nadine Hermeling

Easy migration to Jamf

Changing your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can greatly benefit a company if the current solution is not equipped to meet technical or security requirements and cannot accommodate for a rapid growth in device count. Blog guest author Nadine Hermeling from EBF explains how easy the migration to Jamf can be and introduces the EBF Onboarder.

Many companies use an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system to manage their end user’s devices. However, changing requirements and new technologies can mean a change in provider is needed – for example, if Apple devices are used more frequently or operating systems are to be managed separately with the best technologies available. Because Jamf specializes in the management of Apple devices, companies consider switching to Jamf to take device management to the next level. Once established, the hurdles for changing the system appear to be high, but it doesn't have to be. We show why.

Why should someone change provider?

Moving away from an EMM can happen for many reasons. A common example is Apple devices being used in the company more and more – not only iPhones and iPads, but increasingly macOS devices. The need to manage these devices properly is therefore increasing and is accompanied by the requirement to do so in the best possible way.

Since Jamf is specialized on Apple and supports all integrated functions and interfaces that Apple operating systems offer for device management, the solution is attractive for many companies. New functions from iOS, iPadOS and macOS updates are made available on the same day, and the rollout of Apple devices is greatly simplified.

What can make the switch more difficult?

Manual switching can be very difficult for both IT and end users. This starts with the creation of comprehensive migration instructions and information for employees. It continues with answering numerous user queries. And it doesn't stop at trying to get an overview of the migration status. This can tie up IT resources and interrupts employees with tedious steps that often go wrong.

Largely automated migration

EBF, Enterprise Mobility specialist and partner of Jamf, has developed a solution that makes a largely automated migration possible. With the EBF Onboarder for Jamf, preparation and implementation takes only a little effort on the IT side, and users are guided through the migration process in a few clicks. They can start the migration at a time that works best for them and complete it in a few minutes.

Starting from a variety of EMM Systems – both cloud or on-premise solutions – seamlessly migrate to Jamf Pro or Jamf School.

Simple migration process

After an initial configuration of the system, administrators select a source, target system and the devices that will be migrated – all in just a few steps. From there, communications are sent to help users navigate through the simple steps – starting with an invitation e-mail, continuing with various reminders and ending with a notification when the migration is a success.

Administrators can track the status of the migration project at any time and remind users of the migration.

Over 1 million successful migrations

More than 1 million devices have already been successfully migrated with the EBF Onboarder - both small and large device quantities. Communication with the users has played a decisive role in this success: "Communication around the project is a key success factor. Users should be well informed and guided through the process so that IT is saved a lot of work. This is exactly what the EBF Onboarder makes possible without any problems," reports Markus Adolph, managing partner of the EBF, about his experiences from many migration projects. "We also recommend that the migration is carried out in several phases for large user groups. This can also be easily realized with the EBF Onboarder".

Learn more about the migration tool EBF Onboarder or discover how you can use Jamf Pro, the standard for Apple devices in businesses.

Nadine Hermeling
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