Enhancing the Apple education experience with Jamf Solutions

In this JNUC session, Jamfs discuss the latest updates to Jamf solutions for education made to empower student success.

October 19 2021 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

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Above and beyond an Apple MDM for education

Suraj Mohandas, a senior director of strategy in global education, kicks off the session by outlining how Jamf aids tens of millions of students. He introduces the other speakers who will discuss key Jamf projects and programs for students.

  • Aaron Webb, a product marketing manager in education
  • Suraj Mohandas, a senior director of strategy in global education
  • Dave Saltmarsh, a director of community education initiatives
  • Sam Allcock, a product manager of data policy and Windows
  • Emily McRoberts-Froese, an education leadership executive

Product Enhancements and Workflows

Jamf Pro Enhancements

Aaron Webb discussed new developments and enhancements in Jamf Pro this year such as Jamf Teacher, the integration of TeamViewer, Jamf Parent for Patient Bedside and Self Service now available for students.

Jamf School Enhancements

Webb outlined improvements in scalability and performance for Jamf School, macOS workflows and management— as well as new apps and integrations. The Assessment app that allows for remote proctoring for high-stakes exams was a must-have this pandemic year. Marketplace integrations with Explain Everything and Showbie have expanded our ability to empower students. Jamf Parent is now available on Android and Jamf Teacher on macOS.

Jamf Educator

Emily McRoberts-Froese continues the presentation with a look at our new training program on September 1st: a virtual professional learning experience to empower users. This is aimed at educating teachers on the powerful tools already available to them in their schools with Jamf Pro and Jamf School. This has two tracks:

  • The educator track specific to the teacher in the classroom
  • Ed-tech coordinator track

Each track offers a professional development credit. McRoberts-Froese outlined these in more detail.

Jamf Sessions

A series of summer sessions aimed at educators in K-12 and those in higher education, these talks inspired educators and prepared them for the upcoming school year. Jamf plans on continuing these sessions this winter.

Community Outreach Update

Dave Saltmarsh gives attendees an update on Jamf’s MATTER Innovation Hubs and the use of Jamf employee Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to support Innovation Hubs and Code Camps. He outlines Jamf’s 15 global Innovation Hub locations including five in the United States and discusses alternate funding for a number of Hubs and new and old partners.

Safe Internet

Sam Allcock, a new Jamf from Wandera, discusses the importance of content access restrictions for students.

Accessing online classrooms, doing homework, connecting with other students and doing research online was especially important over last year. Jumps from three to nine hours of time spent online create concern among teachers and parents about safety.

Wandera’s content-filtering engine has been protecting end users and organizations in thousands of businesses across the globe —regardless of platform— by preventing access to harmful, inappropriate or high-bandwidth content online.

Watch the presentation to hear more details about these innovations and programs.

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