Leadership + IT + Teachers = success in the classroom

A school or district’s technology plan can only see true success when IT, leadership, teachers and curriculum teams all work together to develop and implement a shared vision. This JNUC session looks at strategies for bringing these groups together.

October 19 2021 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

Empowering teachers and engaging students with technology

Curtis Armstrong, a Jamf K-12 sales engineer at Jamf and Emily McRoberts-Froese, an education leadership executive at Jamf, walk through how to work together for the best learning experience for students.

This session discussed how to achieve greater success in the classroom through collaboration with multiple stakeholders. They look at goals and strategies to help connect these groups for the ultimate goal: to improve learning.

iPad management and distribution is only part of the successful integration of technology. The other part is how the technology is used in classroom management and how users engage with the technology to enhance their learning and teaching.

Roles in education technology discussions

The session discusses the three roles involved in school technology and their unique goals and questions.


An educator’s goals are to create learning experiences that engage learners and integrate new technologies, standards and expectations. Teachers have a lot of questions about how to align their curriculum with the technology integration plan, how to use the new tools, and how to measure success.


A leader’s goals are to ensure educators have what they need to meet the needs of their students. Good leaders also consider how to provide scaffolding for educator and learner successes. They need to focus on serving as a liaison between IT and educators, as well as how to meet state and local standards.

IT Director

The IT director’s goal is to ensure devices get into the hands of educators and learners and that those devices are managed with appropriate settings.

Tackling these goals together

In education, there can be a tendency for people in these roles to stay in their own lane and focus on what is directly aligned with their role. It’s key to lean into one another, leverage each person’s strengths, and through intentional communication and planning, all parties should be set up for success.

Curtis shares some instances of how Jamf has been able to work with each of these roles to better enhance communication between all parties, and offers up strategies for success.

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