Modern device management can increase Apple ROI.

Sure, Apple devices have the highest ROI and lowest TCO of any other hardware available. But what if you could lower it even further with modern device management practices?

May 28 2024 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

The ROI of mobile device management

One of the chief reasons that many organizations invest in Apple devices is for their high Return on Investment (ROI), both in resale value and in the increased efficiency that properly managed Apple devices can support.

Apple TCO is already documented to be lower than other hardware, and organizations can drive it even lower with modern device management. Modern device management efficiencies can lead to significant cost savings and productivity gains.

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The operational impact of MDM

It’s hard to overstate the profound impact Mobile Device Management (MDM) has on ROI. From day one, using an MDM directly benefits daily operations by streamlining processes, improving security and enhancing user satisfaction.

In fact, most Mac admins would say that at this point in tech and business management organizations of nearly any size must use an MDM to manage and secure devices.

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Modern management and MDM

Forward-thinking organizations that employ modern management practices know, however, that not all Apple MDMs are equal. And that for their businesses to not only survive in the future but to thrive, MDM is only the start.

The workplace of the future is going to be, well, nearly everywhere. Top talent now expects a hybrid or remote workplace, and they prefer to use the devices they love most. Not only that, businesses with a modern outlook have realized far lower office space costs when they have a remote or hybrid workplace, and many studies have shown that remote workers are by and large not only more efficient, but also work longer hours.

The one wrinkle to this workplace modality is that keeping all devices updated and secure over numerous networks takes some serious expertise. Organizations not only must employ a top-notch MDM provider with a history of success with Apple, but they must also incorporate security into their device management strategy.

Combine your MDM with the best Apple cybersecurity products, zero-trust network access and top-notch identity-based access provider available. To put your modern business in the best possible spot, ensure that all of these integrate seamlessly together.

How Jamf’s modern device management can lower TCO

To lower your TCO even more than Apple devices inherently lower it, you need a partner with a track record in understanding the complexity of work-from-anywhere workplaces, and with a firm foundation in Apple.

What is the most efficient way to manage Apple devices and why is it DDM?

Declarative Device Management (DDM) has utterly transformed the way that Apple admins can manage and protect their organization’s devices to make it faster, use less traffic and resources and more proactive rather than reactive.

In a nutshell, DDM allows managed devices to proactively and autonomously apply management settings and report state changes to the MDM server asynchronously. This means that if a device falls out of compliance, it doesn’t have to wait for the server to ping them, and then ask the server what to do. Within established protocols, devices can update apps and OS’s that are out-of-date, sandbox suspicious behavior and even take remediation steps in response to certain behaviors. They also report only the pertinent information to the server, freeing up traffic.

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Efficient use of resources

With DDM, offered through Jamf Pro, there is far less network traffic between servers and devices, there is far less information for servers to sort through when they receive reports and devices remain in compliance. This means faster updates, tighter security and fewer routine management tasks for IT —all using fewer resources.

Automated security

It’s vital to increased ROI to ensure that your devices are always work-ready and that your network is not compromised. Automated security offered through Jamf Protect, Jamf Safe Internet and Jamf Threat Labs:

  • Perform efficiently
  • Integrate with Apple privacy and security frameworks
  • Minimize risk across your entire Apple fleet
  • Maintain security, privacy and performance

Automating security tasks also eliminates the chance of human error and frees IT for more strategic tasks.

App and status reports

Using proper app management, IT can save time otherwise spent in chasing down versions of efficiency and other work apps. Admins can automatically stay on top of patches and updates and have access to app status on all devices at their fingertips. Because Jamf app management is so thorough, it’s also easier and faster to run status reports on apps and devices.

Automated device lifecycle workflows

When you automate device IT inventory and lifecycle workflows, you can significantly lower ROI by getting the most out of your devices and offering them for resale at the best time for your organization and for the resale value of your Apple devices.

Improved employee productivity and retention

Happier employees are more productive employees! As outlined earlier, enabling remote work can result in longer hours and more efficient work for those employees. Studies have also shown that the more content an employee is, the less likely they are to seek another job. And remote work on devices that just work increases work/life balance: the criteria that Millennials and Zoomers cite as the most important when seeking job opportunities.

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