Time savings you can expect with Jamf

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Apple device management tool — or to ensure you’re using the right management tool — let’s take a close look at the time savings you get with Jamf Pro.

June 28 2019 by

Daniel Weber

As the old adage goes, time is money. And when you’re a busy IT admin or an organization with many devices to manage, you know that saying all too well.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Apple device management tool — or better yet — to ensure you’re using the right management tool, let’s take a close look at the time savings you can expect with Jamf Pro.

As you may have seen, Hobson & Company, a leading research firm focused on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) studies, conducted research to determine if Jamf Pro addresses specific customer challenges and delivers a quick and compelling ROI. Here are a few results.

Reduce time spent provisioning devices

Provisioning includes not only purchasing and receiving devices, but also imaging and configuring user-specific settings. This is a high-touch, manual process, and is even more time consuming for operating system upgrades. Jamf Pro’s zero-touch deployment is enabled through its deep integration with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, allowing you to automatically enroll and configure new devices without ever physically touching the device, and share with end users in original shrink-wrapped packaging.

As a result, Jamf Pro customers report an 80% reduction in time spent provisioning.

New York-based Electric is living proof of this 80% time savings.

“Being able to eliminate the manual steps with Apple deployment programs and Jamf allows us to deploy devices in a seamless way. Our end goal is that the customer never has to touch a box. They receive the device ready to go from day one.” — Ryan Denehy, Electric founder and CEO

Reduce time spent on application management

Jamf Pro’s centralized software distribution features automate this task and give you the ability to easily manage, schedule and distribute standard and/or custom software packages and workflows to end users’ workstations, ensuring the correct software and apps are on each device.

For patch management, you can choose to either leverage Jamf Pro’s unique patch management service, which automates patch management by monitoring the most popular software patches and managing the updates from a central server, or choose to push patches directly to devices using Jamf Self Service.

As a result, Jamf Pro customers report a 90% reduction in time spent managing applications.

Reduce time spent managing policy and security settings

Manually maintaining ongoing configuration settings (i.e. OS updates, printer settings, etc.) becomes time-consuming and resource intensive. Jamf Pro’s deep integration with Apple’s native frameworks automates the process of maintaining devices. Through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts, you can personalize and tailor individual devices or groups of devices based on the needs of end users.

As a result, Jamf Pro customers report a 65% reduction in time spent managing policy and setting changes.

Reduce time spent managing IT inventory reports

One of the more time-consuming tasks is tracking computing and mobile assets and the software installed on them. This information is used to ensure license compliance, effectively manage device lifecycles and other auditing needs. Jamf Pro’s Smart Groups feature provides real-time access to dynamic hardware/software inventory reports that help provide accurate reporting for audits and compliance, do real-time license tracking, and efficiently perform other maintenance tasks.

As a result, Jamf Pro customers report a 90% reduction in time spent creating inventory reports.

Reduce the volume of help desk tickets

When end users have technical difficulties, the first step to resolution is logging a ticket with the help desk. According to Spoke, an IT service provider, the average cost per support ticket is $1.60 per minute.

Jamf Self Service automates many of the common tasks traditionally entered as a ticket, empowering users to quickly and efficiently solve many of their technical problems on their own.

As a result, Jamf Pro customers report a 15% reduction in the volume of help desk tickets.

GOAT, the world’s largest platform for buying and selling classic and rare sneakers, reports they eliminate 10-15 tickets per day simply by allowing employees to self-help with Self Service. Considering that each ticket took 15-60 minutes to solve, $1.60 per minute quickly adds up.

Let us help you save time and money

If you’re not already a customer, put these time-saving proof points to the test with a free Jamf Pro trial. Or, if you prefer, simply input the number of Apple devices you’re looking to manage in our ROI calculator and see an immediate report on the time and cost savings you’ll get with Jamf.

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