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May 14, 2018 by Jen Kaplan

Electric reduces deployment time by 80 percent with Jamf Pro

Read how Electric eliminated the manual steps of deploying Apple devices and empowered their employees to turn on the device and go.

Jamf is proud to support managed service providers and excited to announce the newest member of the MSP community: Electric. New York-based Electric is not your average MSP; they provide IT support for companies without IT — all through the power of robots.

Chat robots, to be specific. Electric is the first company to offer managed services in real-time through chat bots in tools like Slack. Need to reset your password? Simply chat your request and the task is done. Need a license for Adobe Photoshop? You can get it in no time.

Geared toward small and mid-sized businesses without dedicated IT resources, Electric is turning the MSP model on its head by providing a full service, automated IT experience in a remote environment. But it’s not all bots. More complicated tasks such as wireless network troubleshooting are still supported by Electric’s human technicians.

They serve more than 200 customers, manage well over 5,000 endpoints, and that’s just the beginning. As their business grows in tandem with the level of sophistication of their customer base, they knew they needed the best hardware, software and a management solution that could scale with their business and tie everything together.

Enter Apple and Jamf
The choice to start with Apple hardware was a no-brainer. “We began with Apple because it’s easy to use and there’s a level of consistency that’s hard to find in other environments. Apple is also a pioneer of innovation,” said Ryan Denehy, Electric founder and CEO. And, while Apple is the predominant platform, Electric has since expanded to offer coverage for Windows devices to support companies with mixed environments.

With the hardware, software and support covered, Electric turned to Jamf as the glue to bring it all together. “The choice to go with Jamf was easy. They focus on the developer community and provide a wealth of APIs, which is critical for a company like ours to build on. Jamf provides the ecosystem to develop and innovate on their platform, which was the most important thing for us.”

The other deciding factor? Zero-touch deployment. Electric purchases and drop-ships hundreds of devices a month, which means manual imaging would require extensive time and resources. “Being able to eliminate the manual steps with Apple deployment programs and Jamf allows us to deploy devices in a seamless way. Our end goal is that the customer never has to touch a box. They receive the device ready to go from day one.”

It all seemed too good to be true, so Electric put Jamf’s zero-touch deployment to the test. After conducting a side-by-side comparison with legacy imaging, they calculated an average deployment time savings of 80 percent when using Jamf Pro and Apple zero-touch deployment. The rest is history.

What’s next?
Electric has big plans. “The flexibility Jamf gives us means we can create standards. The different combinations and variations we can create with Jamf is almost limitless. When we create a policy, we know we can depend on it and leverage it across the board. We can offer a solution that feels personalized to the customer without compromising scalability or predictability.”

And for SMB companies, Electric plans to fill a major gap. “It’s not uncommon for a CTO or office manager to run IT in a smaller business. They want Apple and Jamf, but they don’t have the bandwidth of an IT admin or team to get everything in place and support it. That’s where Electric comes in. They will take on the full responsibility of the roll out, configuration and management, including the application of Jamf’s secure, flexible Apple management solution.

“Businesses are going to buy and use more technology over time. IT expertise is not growing at the rate of technology. In the world where devices and tech are the backbone of your business, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for small and mid-size companies to get the support they need.” We couldn’t agree more! Welcome to the family Electric. We can’t wait to see what you do.

Interested in saving time and resources with zero-touch deployment just like Electric did? Take Jamf Pro for a free test drive and let us know what you think.

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Jen Kaplan
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