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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an additional layer of securing provided to a standard deployment of mobile devices. In the Apple management context, MDM provides our customers with a way to make sure that they can monitor devices, that devices fit within the boundaries of what our customers consider to be good security, making it easier to setup devices (by quickly providing WiFi information, helping to deploy apps, etc) and of course by getting a good inventory of the devices you have out there in the wild.

Mobile Application Management (MAM) is managing the apps on devices. Bushel delivers this by providing a connection between Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and you, so that you can quickly and easily deliver apps to devices and if you so choose, restrict what data is allowed to flow between apps that you deploy in a containerized fashion and other apps that users might install on their own. We also allow you to take those apps back, should you choose to move a license or simply have staff turnover and need to remove a device.

Mobile Email Management (MEM) forces your organization email to stay in a sandbox that you define. Here, we use Managed Open In to containerize , ensuring that all emails remain stay in the secure container of apps that we put on a device.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a solution that typically provides all of the above, but also provides content, such as Word documents, pages documents, etc. Bushel doesn’t distribute content to devices. The thing is, there are a ton of tools, such as Box, Dropbox, and Office 365, that do this super well. No matter how much development effort we expend, we will never catch up to where these vendors are. So Bushel, paired with one of these solutions, is an EMM, but we don’t provide a unified EMM approach.

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