Customer Experience Metrics

We collect data from customers to make our products and solutions smarter, so they fit your needs better. We call this data Customer Experience Metrics (CEM), because that’s what we care about – your experience. We want your interaction with our products to be great. In order to make that happen, we need to make informed, data-driven decisions about how IT organizations use our products.

There are a few things we have made sure to do — so that you are comfortable sharing with us:

  1. The data is collection is anonymous. We can only see what features you are using, not who you are. The goal is aggregated data across the Jamf Pro user base, and is intended to help highlight usage trends, not individual usage.
  2. This is your choice. We allow organizations to opt out if they do not want to participate (though we hope you will).
  3. We are transparent about what data we collect and why. When you choose to share metrics with us, JSS will show you the output of data that will be shared with Jamf.

Our intention is to use this data for Business Intelligence purposes: to make Jamf products that better meet your needs.

We will continue collaborating with you via Jamf Nation. We will continue to discuss our products with you at JNUC, trade shows, user groups, and anytime you reach out to us. The CEM is another tool we use to make sure we are meeting your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Jamf representative or email