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Does the Package Index determine order of policies as well?

I know it determines the order in which packages are installed in an imaging configuration, but does it determine the order in which policies are run?

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SOLVED Posted: by jhuhmann

Our testing has shown that no, it doesn't change the policy order.

SOLVED Posted: by stevewood

@bpavlov the policy installation order is determined alphabetically. So if you have a policy named "A - Install Adobe", a policy named "B - Install Barcode Pro", and a policy named "1 - Install 1Password", the policies would execute in this order:

Install 1Password
Install Adobe
Install Barcode Pro

SOLVED Posted: by Look

Policies really need priorities same as packages, I imagine there is probably already a feature request for it somewhere...

SOLVED Posted: by Chris_Hafner

Just voted it up! Good one!