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CreateUserPkg to update passwords?

Hi all,

I'm successfully imaged a few machines with the and used createuserpkg to set the admin account/password.

Has anyone attempted to update the password (we need to do this quarterly) by creating another pkg and pushing it to the machine with the new updated password?


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SOLVED Posted: by bpavlov
    -deleteUser <user name> [-secure || -keepHome]
    -newPassword <new password> -oldPassword <old password> [-passwordHint <password hint>]
    -resetPasswordFor <local user name> -newPassword <new password> [-passwordHint <password hint>]
    -addUser <user name> [-fullName <full name>] [-UID <user ID>] [-password <user password>] [-hint <user hint>] [-home <full path to home>] [-admin] [-picture <full path to user image>]

Pass '-' instead of password in commands above to request prompt.

Doesn't answer your specific question, but might provide you with a different approach in your goal. Tool was introduced with OS X 10.10 I believe.

SOLVED Posted: by mpermann

@rqomsiya I think you can do that right from a Casper policy. I've included a screen shot.

SOLVED Posted: by benshawuk

To answer the question directly, Yes: CreateUserPKG does update existing passwords, if the account already exists. (Make sure the UID doesn't change, otherwise permissions on the home folder will be incorrect).

SOLVED Posted: by Kyuubi

Two questions from the posts above: 1) If you create a local user from the policy shown above is that hidden? Can you make it hidden if its not? 2) Does CreateUserPKG work with El Capitan?


SOLVED Posted: by davidacland

CreateUserPKG does work on 10.11. I'm not sure you can create a hidden account with the policy option, although sysadminctl can.

SOLVED Posted: by rqomsiya

Correct. It does work on 10.11.4 in my testing. I wouldn't set the UID to below 500, which would automatically create a hidden account.

I would set it to 501+ then use the sysadminctl command to set it as hidden. See this: