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Safari 10 not opening on El Capitan?

Since the release of the Safari 10 update, we've encountered a strange issue where a small handful of clients will no longer open the browser. Nothing in the logs and not even a single bounce in the dock when clicked. It occurs under all users on the affected machine and when opened via the Terminal, all that's returned is "LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10699 for the file /Applications/"

What's even stranger is Safari can be opened by Show Package Contents on then opening the executable within the Contents/MacOS folder.

Anyone have any ideas?

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SOLVED Posted: 9/30/16 at 2:46 PM by maser

Is this on 10.11? A couple of people here resolved it by reinstalling the recent 10.11 security update. YMMV...

SOLVED Posted: 9/30/16 at 7:32 PM by jphillips

Unfortunately for us, reinstalling the security update did not fix any of the machines affected with this. However, upgrading to Sierra seems to fix.

SOLVED Posted: 10/1/16 at 9:30 PM by mikeh

I've been able to fix the problems by installing a copy of the Safari 10 installer that was downloaded to a system but not yet installed. Find the downloaded installer in /Library/Updates.

SOLVED Posted: 10/3/16 at 6:47 AM by VT-Vincent

A reinstall ended up fixing it for my clients, if you need the download and don't want to hunt down a machine that hasn't received it yet, you can download it from Apple here:

SOLVED Posted: 10/14/16 at 3:46 PM by krwright

Thanks, all - that just fixed the issue for me, as well.

SOLVED Posted: 12/1/16 at 12:01 PM by Kyuubi

This just happened to me. The fix offered by @mikeh worked. Its actually what Apple Support had me do. My question is: why is this happening? And why isn't it happening to everyone in the environment? Hopefully Apple with come up with a reason.

SOLVED Posted: 12/1/16 at 12:13 PM by VT-Vincent

I literally just received a call about this reappearing 5 minutes before your reply... I ended up doing the same thing as last time, but needed Safari 10.0.1:

SOLVED Posted: 12/13/16 at 5:31 AM by psg_casper

Thanks for this solution, it helps a lot. But how did you find the downloadlink at the swcdn-Site of Apple? I tried to search but it failed. For the future it would be very helpful to find there some downloads of apple software. Thanks in advance for helping

SOLVED Posted: 12/13/16 at 6:33 AM by VT-Vincent

Apple doesn't provide those directly on anymore, you can find them in the software update catalogs: