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Options not matching between smart groups and querries

Posted: 4/20/17 at 5:09 PM by Taylor.Armstrong

Just making sure I'm not the only one seeing this...

When setting up a static query ("Advanced Computer Search"), I have the criteria for "Managed". This lets me select managed, or unmanaged.

When setting up a smart group, I only have "Managed by:"... with the options for blank or our management account. End result is likely the same, but seems like a bug to me... I'm simply trying to set up queries that omit unmanaged machines.

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SOLVED Posted: 4/20/17 at 5:29 PM by mm2270

Not a bug. Smart Groups can only contain managed devices by default, so when building a Smart Group it doesn't give you the "Managed" yes/no options since that wouldn't make any sense. A Smart Group by design can't really gather unmanaged Macs in it's group membership.

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Posted: 4/21/17 at 9:52 AM by Taylor.Armstrong

THANK you! Was driving me up the wall from the inconsistency, but I didn't realize unmanaged machines were automatically dropped out of the smart groups. That crosses a couple of "cleanup" tasks off my to-do list thinking I needed to go through and clean up some groups manually.