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Church Fleet/Jamf Implementation

I was wondering if any of you use Jamf for your church setting, and what that looks like in regards to the specs of your machines per ministry/staff position, how you implement Jamf throughout your locations/campuses, or any other general tips or advice into all of that. We are a multisite church with 9 locations, with a current fleet of ~55-60 iMacs, ~70-75 MacBooks, and ~35-40 iPads.

Or if I could just pick your brains on how you guys got into Jamf, who runs it for you, or anything else that would be great! Thanks!

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SOLVED Posted: by swolosin

What your doing is no different than any other fleet. What your wondering is how best to organize your jss so you can deploy specific policies and/or configurations. You'll find out quickly that there's usually more than one way to do the same thing. It comes down to personal preferences and experience. To make it easy I would start off by adding the 9 locations into the All Settings>Network Organization>Buildings. Depending on the company needs, buildings can be locations. From there you can make smart groups to specify specific buildings in a location. Then I would make a All Settings>Network Organization>Departments. So things like Pastoral Staff, Music Department and so on. Doing this will set you up for success in organizing your JSS, better smart groups and mass deployment. There's a ton more so certifications would be very helpful. If you need more info I'm always down to help a fellow musician/worship leader. I work out of North Jersey and if you want, you can reach me anytime on slack @swolosin

SOLVED Posted: by swolosin

I forgot to mention this but there are companies that outsource their JSS. is one group I can think of that will run the JSS for you. I have no idea how much it costs but the option exists.

SOLVED Posted: by anickless

School, Enterprise, SMB, non-profits, all can be thought of in similar ways. I admin a school district, each school has its own site and I made departments when they make sense.

So I would say from a JSS position mirror your organization in a logical way. you can't go wrong with that. I got into jamf because that is what was here when I started but it was broken so I ripped evreything out and started from scratch, now I went from 100 laptops to 100's of laptops and 100's of iPads.