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Webroot SecureAnywhere Install & Register

I need to install and register Webroot on over 800 devices. I created a DMG using composer, it installs the program but it does not put the keycode in.

I searched JAMF Nation and at one point last year there seems to be an article that was about this but it was removed.

Any help? Anyone else do this?

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SOLVED Posted: 9/14/17 at 1:52 PM by JKingsnorth

@Björck any insight into this since the article that is missing was yours???

SOLVED Posted: 9/15/17 at 4:57 AM by Björck

@JKingsnorth Here's the script I use. Downloads, installs, registers and deletes dmg. Just paste you serial at KEY=
I got the script from Webroot initially, but have tweaked the wait values a bit to keep it stable.

SOLVED Posted: 9/15/17 at 5:03 AM by Björck
#set -x

#Set Keycode for Clients


sleep 2


#Download WSA mac client

cd /tmp; curl -O

echo Please wait while file is downloaded and mounted

wait 15

#Mount the DMG file

hdiutil attach /tmp/wsamacsme.dmg

#copy app from dmg to applications

ditto /Volumes/Webroot\ SecureAnywhere /Applications/

wait 10

#run silent install 

sudo "/Applications/Webroot SecureAnywhere" install -keycode=$KEY -silent

wait 30

#Unmount the DMG

diskutil list | grep Webroot\ SecureAnywhere | diskutil unmount /Volumes/Webroot\ SecureAnywhere

#Remove the DMG

rm -rf /tmp/wsamacsme.dmg