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Webroot SecureAnywhere Install & Register

I need to install and register Webroot on over 800 devices. I created a DMG using composer, it installs the program but it does not put the keycode in.

I searched JAMF Nation and at one point last year there seems to be an article that was about this but it was removed.

Any help? Anyone else do this?

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SOLVED Posted: by JKingsnorth

@Björck any insight into this since the article that is missing was yours???

SOLVED Posted: by Björck

@JKingsnorth Here's the script I use. Downloads, installs, registers and deletes dmg. Just paste you serial at KEY=
I got the script from Webroot initially, but have tweaked the wait values a bit to keep it stable.

SOLVED Posted: by Björck
#set -x

#Set Keycode for Clients


sleep 2


#Download WSA mac client

cd /tmp; curl -O

echo Please wait while file is downloaded and mounted

wait 15

#Mount the DMG file

hdiutil attach /tmp/wsamacsme.dmg

#copy app from dmg to applications

ditto /Volumes/Webroot\ SecureAnywhere /Applications/

wait 10

#run silent install 

sudo "/Applications/Webroot SecureAnywhere" install -keycode=$KEY -silent

wait 30

#Unmount the DMG

diskutil list | grep Webroot\ SecureAnywhere | diskutil unmount /Volumes/Webroot\ SecureAnywhere

#Remove the DMG

rm -rf /tmp/wsamacsme.dmg
SOLVED Posted: by tgoodpaster

Script above works easily! Thanks Björck!

One question I did have, even after the install it still requires the users to either deny or accept the web filter extension. Is it possible to run this as a separate policy, hidden from the users? Already had a few users questioning the install and not wanting to do it. (I would rather make this completely blind to the end user and force them to install it)

SOLVED Posted: by scottb

Good day @Björck - I just got tasked with uninstalling Webroot on Mac clients. I've never used this software and looked online for an uninstall process, but it seems to point to an app of sorts that does this.
Do you happen to know if there's a command line or other method to remove the client from Macs using Jamf Pro?

Thanks in advance,