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does anyone know how to block "Final Cut Pro verison 10.4"?

I'm new to NetSUS (I just setup mine for the first time version 4.2.1).
I'm able to block "Pro Video Formats 2.0.6" but I don't know how to block "Final Cut Pro version 10.4"
any help would be appreciated...thank you.
(fyi: I'm just doing a test on blocking "Final Cut Pro version 10.4" since that's what I'm not being able to block)

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SOLVED Posted: by kendalljjohnson

Because Final Cut Pro v10 is handled through the App Store you would not be able to manage it via a software update server (NetSUS).

I believe you should be able to control this if it was distributed via VPP. If not, not sure what you're options would be.

SOLVED Posted: by osxadmin

@kendalljjohnson got it, thanks!

SOLVED Posted: by almonte32

Hmm.. well, I think what @kendalljjohnson said does apply here, but there is actually a way to block ANY update you want from the App store.

One way to accomplish is, if you use little snitch or some syslog or other form of log that can show you the exact URL a client is connecting to, maybe even Wireshark, you can download the update on a test machine, and then note down that full URL and block it via some host file, proxy, blacklist filter, etc.
I know that is too much to do, but I just wanted to make sure you knew it is possible, just very annoying way to do it.