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NetSUS Netboot and using file share distribution points

I'm working on getting a NetBoot workflow set up for our imaging and I have a few questions I am hoping some experienced Netbooter's can answer for me.

  1. Currently we have multiple file share distribution points set up in the JSS in order to speed up software deployment at our various offices around the globe. Is there any reason that I need to use our NetSUS server's SMB share to host the image or can I direct the NetSUS server to one of the distribution points and use it?

If so, is there a config file that I need to update or can I just set up a SMB location by creating a folder called "Netboot" and assigning privileges to it.

  1. Based on what I said above, is there any way to have the Netboot image hosted on multiple file share distro points so that if, for example, we image in NY it would choose the NY distro point and if we image in California it would use the California distro point? It seems like there is only one SMB server to assign the Netboot image to.

  2. Is it possible to change the username of the SMB account? I read that the default credentials are smbuser/smbuser1, but not sure how to change the username.

Thanks guys!

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