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Is there a way to prevent a user from setting up Bootcamp?

Basically the title. We would like to prevent certain users from using Bootcamp on their Macs. I can't seem to figure out a way to prevent this. I know it sounds dumb but this is coming from above me, plus the thought of supporting 2 operating systems on one device doesn't sound fun.

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SOLVED Posted: by bpavlov

Remove admin access and Firmware password.

SOLVED Posted: by jlramos

You could add Boot Camp Assistant to Restricted Software.

SOLVED Posted: by rich.thomas

I would second the Firmware password option, that'll stop them from changing the startup volume.

SOLVED Posted: by dmitchell

@rich.thomas @bpavlov Yeah, I should have had the EFI PW to begin with, just created a policy for that. Thanks!

SOLVED Posted: by howie_isaacks

Like @jlramos said, just add the Bootcamp setup assistant to the restricted software list. That's what I did, and this makes it easy to scope exemptions for users who actually need to install Windows via Bootcamp.


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