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Disable notification for first launch of Microsoft AU Daemon?

How do I prevent this for showing for each user the first time they launch Microsoft Office 2016?

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SOLVED Posted: by CapU

I know that I can't trust users to perform updates in a timely fashion or worse, get phone calls "Should I update? I see something telling me to update"
So I handle all updates and push them out. I just remove the Microsoft Update app when I install Office.

SOLVED Posted: by Brad_G

I haven't set it up yet but I think this is what you want.

SOLVED Posted: by sdagley

@CapU Microsoft added a command line tool called msupdate to Microsoft AutoUpdate with last month's version 3.18 update. This makes it much easier to manage updates when you want to the version you want without deploying the update .pkgs yourself via Jamf Pro. Take a look at @pbowden's video course for more info: Using the 'msupdate' command-line tool in Microsoft AutoUpdate

SOLVED Posted: by damienbarrett

Ditto. I just pushed a configuration profile to my entire fleet that forces Microsoft Autoupdate to run in the background and update my users' copies of Office 2016 silently in the background. If an App is running, they'll eventually get a message about an update needing to be applied and a "Restart App" button to push.

I can't trust my users to keep Office up to date, so I'm doing it for them. The only blowback so far is that some users in our business office are having trouble getting mail merge to work properly on the newer versions of Office. I'm tracking this issue and hoping it gets resolved in an update coming down the pike. In the meantime, those few uses are excluded from this config profile and are allowed to run the 15.x version of Office.

SOLVED Posted: by kricotta

I'm trying to run RegMAU as a script in Jamf and getting some weird errors. Do you simply call it in this fashion or do you need to run it in the fashion that @pbowden mentions (Usage: RegMAU [--Register])?