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What can this program do?

I am using a mac that the company gave me. But i have no idea how the jamf is working or able to control my mac.

Yes of course i know that my mac is company property and I should not use it for personal purposes, but it is our very flexible startup company and there is no strict policy about that.

Can admins see:
1-Every application installed on mac (even technical or some video games, computer games or other supporting tools which is not listed in company standards)
2-The sites that we visited
3-The mails we have sent from our personal gmail account or the passwords that we used to login facebook or gmail etc.etc.
4-Turn on webcam camera suddenly
5-Take screenshot at any time that the computer connected to internet or not connected.


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SOLVED Posted: by milesleacy

These answers are based on the functionality of Jamf Pro alone. Your organization may have additional tools with additional capabilities or custom scripting/coding to augment Jamf Pro features.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No (also of note, the camera status LED is linked to the camera at the hardware level)
  5. No